Our News February 2020

Our latest news…including the Corona Virus and the latest on facemask availability and protective clothing. New uses for Chlorinated Rubber Paint and how two of our varnishes have become top favourites in some surprising sectors.

Answering Customer Questions

Paint related questions – we love them! They are rarely too technical or too banal for us to deal with here at Palatine Paints. You may have noticed the Paint Related FAQ we started compiling recently. We’re adding to this regularly and hope you find it useful. Of course feel free to ask your own.

Our Varnishes are the Tops!

Our Polyurethane Floor Varnish has been used in all kinds of environments, from restaurants, to offices to warehouse conversions, theatre stages and even roller rinks. Wigan Roller Rink uses the varnish to coat its 18,000 sq ft wooden rink. We add some special anti slip texturing to prevent too many falls. It’s pictured here looking fabulous.

Wigan Roller Rink coated with Palatine’s Floor Varnish

In another larger project, Carbotread floor varnish has been used in the renovation and conversion into offices of a huge warehouse in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle (we’ll bring you pictures when we can). 

What our customers say:

“Fast efficient company that doesn’t sell at big branded companies prices yet am getting very good results on my maple hardwood floors”

“I used your Polyurethane Varnish on the floor of a stage its curing time was impressive as was its covering capabilities …Well Done”

“It’s amazing, it was the best thing I ever bought. I used it on my bathroom floor and it looks amazing can’t believe it, it’s like I’ve had a new floor”


Reviews from Trust Pilot and our website
Deck of a yacht on a glittery calm sea, deck is newly treted with yacht varnish
Deck Treated with Yacht Varnish

Our hard wearing Yacht varnish is great for external use, with good salt water resistance and ability to cope with unfavourable weather conditions. We supply lots of this varnish to boat owners and boat yards of course but it’s also popular for other external projects; some of the more unusual being fairground equipment and bug hotels!

“I have used the marine varnish on the external rubbing rails and cockpit of a South Coast One Design and found it has lasted far better than the Epifans yacht varnish or the Hempel Quick Drying yacht varnish, particularly for high wear areas”

Reviewed on our website here

Corona Virus – Personal Protection

The Corona Virus outbreak has led to high demand in respirator facemasks at the moment; China produces almost 50% of the world’s masks. For the past several weeks, China has not been exporting these masks and of course production will also have decreased in China during this period. The resulting shortage may last for some time. We still have some stock and we’re doing what we can to source more. Latex gloves are also selling fast (in boxes of 100) as are disposable coveralls, so stock up here now to avoid disappointment.

Chlorinated Rubber Paint – Not Just for Farms!

Not directly related to Corona virus but it has got us thinking about hygiene in general and the ability to maintain a sterile or germ free environment. Here are some suggestions relating to Chlorinated Rubber Paint which you may find useful…

As you may have read in previous blogs, we supply many farms and agricultural businesses with our chlorinated rubber paint where it’s used in dairy parlours and animal feed areas. While use for this purpose remains constant, we are finding our customers have been using it in plenty of diverse ways. 

Leisure and horticultural – garden ponds, swimming pools, shower areas (campsites/caravans etc)
Animals and livestock – popular for dog runs, kennels, stabling areas and animal housing
Marine Uses – on boats internally in showers/washing areas and externally on deck areas etc

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

If you’d like more information and data sheets on Chlorinated Rubber Paint let us know via our online chat. Or check out our two blogs dedicated to this versatile coating:

  1. Chlorinated Rubber Paint Questions from Customers
  2. What is Chlorinated Rubber Paint

We’re making room for more products!

The following items are available at great prices, get them now while you can.

Frog tape – including green for general purpose, yellow for delicate surfaces and orange for gloss/satin.

Latex Gloves – helps with hygiene and self-protection (see Corona Virus mentioned above)

Hazard Tape – help prevent access to sensitive areas

Hammershield Direct to Metal Paint

Our offer on this product will finish at the end of February (2020). Get yours while you can at this special price and don’t forget to leave a review for 5% off your next purchase of any Palatine product

  • Fast drying – enables multi coat application in minimal time  
  • Direct to metal (DTM)– no need to prime (unless surface is poor or superior rust inhibition is needed)
  • Decorative – available in a Smooth or Hammer finish
  • Protective– tough and durable finish for both metal and wood
  • Professional Product – equivalent to major well known brand
  • Competitively Priced – product not available on the High Street

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