Roof and Tile Paint

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Paint for roof and tiles restores and waterproofs old roofs while providing protection from moss and algae. Use eco-friendly acrylic roof paint to repaint your roof tiles or a resin rich solvent based alternative for extra flexibility. Perfect for applying to a broad range of tile substrates such as Clay roof tiles, Concrete, Natural slate. Double Roman and Metal roof tiles.

Incredibly successful in reducing the surface porosity and preventing delamination and cracking. gives your roof’s foundation material an additional layer of protection. The paint on your roof will deteriorate due to weather protection over time but will none the less prevent the need to replace the tiles which is far more expensive. Although roof coating is a component of the roof system that aids in sealing up small spaces where water may seep through, it cannot halt leaks on its own. It does however, restore and weatherproof worn-out and aging roof tiles. Painting your roof will safeguard your house more and spare you from having to replace the tiles. This could result in an increase in your home’s worth. Give your roof an added layer of protection from moisture.

Our roof paint is composed of premium ingredients for maximum longevity and durability, meeting all of your roofing and painting requirements. Paint for tile remodeling is a great way to give your roof a brand-new appearance. It has exceptional adhesive properties on porous surfaces, making it perfect for use on all exterior roofing. appropriate for roof tile protection and decoration.

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