Damp Proof Paint

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Damp Proof paint protects surfaces from damp, preventing moisture from interfering with paint once applied. If moisture occurs on a painted surface, the paint can lose adhesion and peel away from the surface. This makes it important to protect surfaces that could potentially become damp.

Our Damp Proof Membrane paint protects interior floors from damp and is designed as a primer coat. For suitable topcoats for use with this paint, please see our floor paint range.

Coo Var’s Anti Damp paint is a primer that is able to be applied to damp areas of walls and ceilings. The coating combines with the moisture, preventing it from affecting the topcoat. This can then be overcoated with one of our range of topcoats.

Damp Proof Paint

Damp Proof Membrane Paint


Damp Proof Paint

Coo-Var Anti Damp Paint

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