Marine Gloss

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Palatine Paints Marine Gloss provides the wow factor with vibrancy and protection of your vessel. The supreme high gloss finish giving the surface a professional finish. Applied to Palatine’s Boat & Barge high build primer and undercoat that will yield years of protection. Formulated to use easily and flow out, this marine gloss will leave you proud of your work and your vessel. Palatine Paints have joined forces with Teamac to provide high quality paints for the marine sector. Browse and shop online today for the very best products on the market. You will be amazed by the quality finish you will achieve.

Marine Coatings

Carbosil Marine Varnish


Marine Coatings

Palatine Hull Blacking


Marine Coatings

Teamac Boot topping


Marine Coatings

Teamac Hull Blacking


Marine Coatings

Teamac Marine Gloss

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