Marine Undercoat

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Our selection of Palatine and Teamac marine undercoats are high performance base coats. Both brands offer excellent coverage, high build, and are the perfect choice to apply before Palatine Boat & Barge top coat or Teamac boottopping.

A choice of red, grey or white undercoat is available. This allows you to choose a colour that can be more effectively covered by your topcoat colour. Any prior topcoat will not bleed through the new coats and the base coat will be covered by the topcoat as it will be a similar colour.

Apply to suitably prepared and primed wood, metal and fibreglass surfaces. Palatine and Teamac marine undercoats are oil based, and are used internally and externally. Suitable to be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Marine Coatings

Teamac Galley Paint White

£17.05 exc VAT | £20.46 inc VAT

Marine Coatings

Marine Undercoat Paint

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