Double Arm Frame Roller

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Double arm frame roller in 12″ & 15″. Constructed from cast aluminium giving a durable robust frame for heavy duty roller work. Typically used to tackle large areas such as industrial warehouses to apply single and two pack floor paints. By adding a solvent resistant industrial floor painting sleeve. to the double arm frame roller, you can tackle large areas with ease. When undertaking large interior or exterior walls you will add a Double Arm Heavy Duty Woven Refill. Suitable for a wide range of paint & surface types. The most popular fabric used by tradesmen for emulsion & masonry paint.

The frame for your roller means you can achieve even pressure on the ceiling while you paint, unlike a conventional frame which often that leaves an unintentional striped effect.

  • Faster painting than standard size rollers.
  • Suitable for all 12″ & 15″ rollers.
  • Flat cast aluminium construction – ultra-durable yet lightweight.
  • Full width bar and pin options to fit roller.
  • Screw fitting for extension poles


£9.33 exc VAT | £11.20 inc VAT

Double Arm Frame Roller

15″ Cast Aluminium Double Arm Frame

£10.30 exc VAT | £12.36 inc VAT
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