Anti-Graffiti Paint

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Anti-graffiti Paint stops graffiti from being applied to a number of surfaces. These include brick, plaster, masonry and wood.

These paints are designed to be used with graffiti removers. The anti-graffiti paint gives a graffiti resistant finish that stops the graffiti from being properly applied to a surface. This then makes the graffiti easy to remove with a graffiti remover.

We stock a variety of different anti graffiti paints. This includes water based, oil based and even flame retardant anti graffiti paints.

As the paints can be used on a wide range of surfaces and objects, they can be used to protect many likely targets of graffiti. This includes places such as walls, statues, bridges and toilets.

Some of these paints also resist forms of graffiti other than spray paint, such as markers, ink, oils and crayons.

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