Intumescent Paint

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Intumescent paint Wood and steel help protect buildings and people from fire. For 60 minute fire protection Nullifire have introduced SC802 Intumescent paint for steel. This gives superior loadings over a wider range of section types.

For longer time periods up to 120 minutes the water-based SC801  product is recommend, or the high build SC902.

Thermoguard Timbercoat can be specified as part of a system to achieve certification of 30 & 60 minutes on ply or wood.

Primers and Top Seals also form part of the fire protection process, along with fire stopping products. Please fill in the enquiry form and we will take care of the rest.

Intumescent Paint

Wet Film Comb Gauge

£4.95 exc VAT | £5.94 inc VAT
£260.94 exc VAT | £313.13 inc VAT
£225.99 exc VAT | £271.19 inc VAT
£120.00 exc VAT | £144.00 inc VAT
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