Exterior Masonry Paint

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For the Best Smooth Exterior Masonry Paint from White to Grey Colours, browse our the products below for a wide selection of colours, including our Pliocem Pliolite Masonry paint and a range of Sandtex paints. Available in both Oil based for exterior and Water Based for interior and exterior use.

The Pliocem Exterior Masonry Paint colours is the number one choice, leading the way is Anthracite Grey. The Pliolite based paint can be applied at temperatures as low as 5 degrees. This versatility makes it the perfect all year round product.

We have a range of Sandtex exterior masonry paints available, including both water and solvent based options. We can also match Sandtex paints to RAL classic, BS 4800 and BS 381C colours.

Our water based range is ideal for ease of use. Please visit our equipment section to see a range of application kits. Roller Frames, Brushes, paint scuttles and dust sheets are also available.

Exterior Masonry Paint

Pliocem® Clear Concrete Sealer


Exterior Masonry Paint

Pliolite Masonry Paint


Exterior Masonry Paint

Silicone Water Repellent


Exterior Masonry Paint

Trutex Masonry Paint


Exterior Masonry Paint

Sandtex 365 White Masonry Paint 5L

£44.69 exc VAT | £53.63 inc VAT

Exterior Masonry Paint

Sandtex Classic Stone Gloss 5L

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