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  • Paint Stirrers and Equipment Cleaning

Indasa range of products offer a wide selection of superior quality abrasives. Along with the Prodec range from Rodo. Prosolve construction site essentials,  Palatine Paints always source leading brands at competitive prices.

We supply masking tapes, industrial, tapes and technical tapes. Surface protection from carpet film, dust sheets and plastic sheeting. A range of scrapers and filling knives. Access equipment,  paint stirrers both wooden and drill. Along with a range of equipment cleaning products.

Original price was: £3.33.Current price is: £2.58.

Painting Equipment

10 Pack Tack Cloths

£4.26 exc VAT | £5.11 inc VAT
Out of stock

Duct Tape / Cloth Tape

2″ / 50mm Duct Tape

Out of stock
£7.22 exc VAT | £8.66 inc VAT
£5.93 exc VAT | £7.12 inc VAT
Original price was: £6.17.Current price is: £4.64. exc VAT | £5.57 inc VAT
£6.33 exc VAT | £7.60 inc VAT
£5.88 exc VAT | £7.06 inc VAT
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