Road Marking Paint

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A fast drying, heavy bodied, single pack line marking paint.  With quick dry, hard wearing properties, this product is ideal for highlighting walkways, hazard areas, fire exits, car parking bays and storage areas. It’s also great for marking out restricted areas such as food preparation areas, dairies, factories and canteens.

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Carboline road marking line paint is fast drying and durable. It is the ideal product for marking out areas such as walkways, safety routes and parking bays. This road marking line paint is easy to use by brush or roller.  Other uses for Carboline white line road marking paint yellow and Black can be used in:

  • fire exits, car parking bays, storage and restricted areas such as food preparation areas
  • Dairies, factories, canteens.

If you need to spray out your lines, you may want to take a look at  Acrylic Aerosol Line Marking Spray If you run a business, you will know that safety is paramount. Here is a link to legislation on the importance of defined emergency routes and exits. Palatine Paints line marking paint comes in 3 colours(white, yellow, black) and is quick drying. So, the process is simple: mark out your lines, mask tape up and apply – job done!


Please refer to the Technical Data sheet, downloadable in the data sheets section.

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and grease, etc.
Apply as required and allow to dry for at least 2 hours before subjecting the marking to traffic. Keep traffic both vehicular and pedestrians off the coated area during drying.

Basic straight lines can be created by painting using Palatine’s high Performance Masking Tape at the desired line width.

For longer lines a line marking machine is recommended.

1 review for Road Marking Paint

  1. Emma Corcoran (verified owner)

    Excellent paint. Renewed the white lines in our shared car park. Very helpful ‘how to’ page on the website meant I bought right rollers, masking tape etc. made it easy. And paint went on well. Two coats on in an afternoon. It’s looking good and no misunderstandings over where to park. Thank you. I highly recommend this paint and Palatine advice.

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Road Marking Paint
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