Solvents & Thinners

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Industrial paint solvents and thinners break down the properties present in paints,  varnishes and adhesives. Dilute, soften, clean and remove chemicals and residue where water is not effective.

We have a wide selection of solvents, chemicals and specialist cleaning products that perform specific functions when used on different coatings.

  • These include: White Spirits – for thinning, cleaning and degreasing.
  • Acetone for dissolving and removing varnishes, lacquers, glues and oils.
  • Methylated Spirits for removing epoxy resins.
  • Isopropyl alcohol for specialist cleaning of electronic parts and waxed painted body panels.

Order easily from the selection below, note also that most solvents must be transported by specialist carriers.

Business Requirements? Sourcing specific chemicals not listed here, or in need of bulk quantities? Please call us 01942 884 122, we should be able to help.

£42.19 exc VAT | £50.63 inc VAT

Palatine Paints

Carbosolv Pure Acetone


Garden Furniture Paint

Low Odour White Spirit – Carbosolv


Palatine Paints

Methylated Spirits

£12.23 exc VAT | £14.68 inc VAT
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