Wood Treatments

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Here you’ll find our range of wood treatments to seal and protect wood helping reduce decay, swelling and twisting. Outdoor wood, both treated and untreated, is always vulnerable to attack from water and UV rays and should be sealed and protected. This range of powerful treatments will help.

The range includes products suitable for various uses and wood types. Some provide a solid colour finish to the wood while others are translucent. This allows you to see the grain while having the colour and protection from a treatment.

From protecting new fences or log cabins, to reviving and refreshing older wood, there’s a treatment here for your project.


Palatine Paints

Cedar Wood Treatment


Garden Furniture Paint

Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil

£10.58 exc VAT | £12.70 inc VAT
£36.82 exc VAT | £44.18 inc VAT
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