Bitumen Paint

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Our range of bitumen based paint is suitable to provide protection and waterproofing to a variety of surfaces.

Carboblack Bitumen Paint is a black bitumen coating suitable for protecting many surfaces from the effects of the weather. These include steelwork, wood, concrete and asphalt.

We also offer several bitumen based coatings designed for use in roofing. Carbobond Felt Adhesive bonds roofing felt to surfaces such as metal, concrete and wood. Carbotex Roofing Compound reseals and repairs many different types of roof covering. Carbosealit Roofing Mastic is also used for repairs to roof surfaces and is more suitable for large repairs.

Carbosil Bitumen Aluminium is a solar reflective coating that protects surfaces form heat and UV damage. It is useful for reducing interior heat of structures such as metal storage tanks and silos, garages and stables. It also acts to protect bitumen surfaces form becoming brittle due to UV damage.

Bitumen Paint

Black Bitumen Paint

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