Waterproofing Paint

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We provide a wide selection of Waterproof Paint for wood, Masonry and roofs.

Bitumen Paint is a protective waterproof paint for wood to a variety of different building materials like Iron, Steel, Concrete, Roofing and Asphalt.

Our range of bitumen products includes; green bitumen for an alternative appearance; black bitumen; bitumen aluminium; barn paint and a collection of bituminous roofing products. Browse this section for the full range.

We also offer Epoxy Coatings for paint for wood and masonry roofs. Pliolite based coatings for Masonry and Roof Tiles. And Acrylic for great adhesion and performance.

All our Palatine products are manufactured in the UK at our main site in Lancashire. Shop now for fast and efficient delivery!

Bitumen Paint

Black Bitumen Paint

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