Masonry Paint

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Our Masonry Paint has stood the test of time and weather. We have manufactured the best masonry range for over 75 years. From White and Grey to all Colours our Best Masonry Paint for all your exterior brickwork, concrete and render needs.

We offer both Oil and Water Based Coatings in a wide selection of colours. The Pliocem Paint has been a huge success with it’s breathable properties. Anthracite Grey has been the number one colour choice.


High performance masonry products and protective, mould resistant coatings for a variety of surfaces such as concrete, cement, pebble dash, breeze block, mortar, stone and wood.


Exterior Masonry Paint

Pliocem® Clear Concrete Sealer


Exterior Masonry Paint

Pliolite Masonry Paint


Exterior Masonry Paint

Silicone Water Repellent


Exterior Masonry Paint

Trutex Masonry Paint


Primer and Undercoat

Coo-Var Alkali Resisting Primer


Exterior Masonry Paint

Sandtex 365 White Masonry Paint 5L

£44.69 exc VAT | £53.63 inc VAT
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