Vehicle Refinishing

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We have now added to our supply range by offering our customers a Vehicle Refinishing range and consumables to the following areas:

  • Car Spray Paint – 2K Polyurethane Top Coat – 2K PU Repair
  • 1K & 2K thinner
  • Bumper Spray Paint
  • High Solids Lacquer – High Solids Primer
  • Isolating Primer – Body Shop Primer
  • Panel Wipe
  • Scratch Resistant Topcoat

We now supply Vehicle Refinishing Paints and consumables from our partners Capella Solutions, Indasa Abrasives (UK).Palatine Paints are extremely confident in these products, both in terms of performance and diversity. From Performance Top coats and Primers to preparation equipment. We believe we have the right blend to cater for our customers needs.

2K Epoxy Primer

Paint Rocket Accelerator

£19.32 exc VAT | £23.18 inc VAT
£12.10 exc VAT | £14.52 inc VAT
£12.08 exc VAT | £14.50 inc VAT
£29.68 exc VAT | £35.62 inc VAT
£19.10 exc VAT | £22.92 inc VAT
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