Two Pack Floor Paint

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Heavy duty Two Pack Floor Paint for Garage and warehouse floors. Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint and Polyurethane. We manufacture and supply water based as well as solvent free hard wearing floor paint. The Solvent Free High Build Floor Coating can be applied as a hard wearing, dust free, hygienic, easy to clean floor coating is required. The Water Dispersible Epoxy Primer is a two component water dispersed epoxy resin system. Easily applied primer for use with epoxy resin coatings and screeds. For a wide selection our our stock colours browse our floor paint range. In stock and awaiting dispatch. Shop Now!

£224.77 exc VAT | £269.72 inc VAT

Floor Paint & Coatings

2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Matt Finish


Intumescent Paint

Wet Film Comb Gauge

£4.95 exc VAT | £5.94 inc VAT

Damp Proofing Concrete

Coo-Var Dampshield


Epoxy Floor Paint

Coo-Var Oil Tolerant Primer

£153.11 exc VAT | £183.73 inc VAT
Original price was: £93.13.Current price is: £92.36. exc VAT | £110.83 inc VAT

Floor Paint & Coatings

Coo-Var Profloor Plus Floor Paint

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