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2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Clear Gloss 15KG

2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Clear Gloss is a two pack dust sealer for new and old concrete floors.

  • Clear Gloss Finish
  • Container size: 15Kg
  • Suitable for foot traffic in 6 – 12 hours

£280.98 exc VAT | £337.18 inc VAT

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Product Description

2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Clear Gloss is a two pack dust sealer for new and old concrete floors. It is ideal for use in areas such as warehouse and production floors, where dust can quickly build up. It prevents the dust from becoming difficult to remove, allowing fore a cleaner and safer working area.

This sealer is part of our 2K floor range, alongside our 2K epoxy primer and 2K epoxy topcoat. If you have any questions about our 2K coatings, please contact us by web chat, phone or email. Our friendly team can answer questions about preparation, application and compatibility, as well as other topics.

We also supply a matt finish 2K sealer available in three different shades of grey. For a clear single pack alternative sealer, see Pliocem Concrete Sealer.

Please note: as this is a two pack coating, there is a limited time to use the clear sealer once the parts have been mixed (30 minutes). After this time, the sealer will begin to cure in the pot and become unusable.

Colours Available: Clear

Pack Sizes: 15Kg

Coverage / Drying Times:

Working Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Foot Traffic: 6 – 12 hours at 20ºC

Overcoat: between 30 minutes and 6 hours. Please note, drying times will be extended at low temperatures. Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC

Theoretical Consumption: 0.10 – 0.17 kg/m2

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)

Substrate Preparation

The surface must exhibit an adhesive strength of minimum 1.5 N/mm². The surface must be clean and free of dust and loose particles. All traces of contaminants, including oils, fats, grease, paint, chemical and laitance should be removed. Any cracks or damage should be properly remedied prior to application.

Application Instructions

Prior to application, the material should be heated to an ambient temperature (air and floor temperature).

The A component should be stirred for 1–2 minutes before added entire contents of B component and mixing for further 2–3 minutes. Use a slow speed drill and helical spinner, taking care not to entrain air. Subsequently the mix is diluted with 10–12% water.

The product is poured immediately onto the prepared surface and applied with a roller or rubber squeegee.

A second coat is normally recommended. Pooling should always be avoided as this will lead to variations in the visual appearance of the cured material.

The second layer should be applied after 30 minutes but no longer than 6 hours.

Cleaning & Maintenance

For the long-term maintenance of the properties of polymer flooring materials, a regular cleaning and care programme is recommended.


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2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Clear Gloss
2K Epoxy Dust Sealer Clear Gloss 15KG

10 in stock

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