Epoxytread Solvent Free High Build Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint

EPOXYTREAD Solvent Free High Build Floor Coating is suitable for use where a hard wearing, dust free, hygienic, easy to clean floor coating is required. It is very widely used on industrial and commercial floors, laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms and food processing areas etc.

  • Hygienic – provides easy to clean, dust free surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Choice of colours
  • Hard wearing
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • Suitable for light vehicular traffic

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Supplied as two components; the epoxy resin component being pigmented.




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Epoxytread Solvent Free, High Build, Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint is a durable, high performance, floor paint with good chemical and abrasion resistance.  This highly durable, 2k Epoxy floor paint is ideal for use on floors across many industrial and commercial sectors such as: laboratories; factories; showrooms; schools; plant rooms and food processing locations.

  • Hygienic – provides easy to clean, dust free surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Choice of colours
  • Hard wearing with good abrasion resistance
  • Withstands heavy foot traffic and is suitable for light vehicular traffic
  • A 5kg unit will cover approximately 15m²

Application tips:

Full directions for use are on the product container. Here are some tips to help use this coating most effectively. Use with Epoxytread Primer. if surface is in poor condition or the surface is very porous. New concrete should be at least 21 – 28 days old or the moisture less than 5%.

  • Assemble equipment and manpower in preparation and be sure to allocate sufficient time to use the product. There is a finite time period before the product becomes unusable after mixing the components. While the usable time stated is 40 minutes, it could become as little as 15 minutes in warm, dry conditions.
  • Don’t save any for later… it is important to use the entire contents of each container of floor paint. Resin component A and curing agent B are supplied in ‘exact quantities’ to create the chemical reaction for optimum application and curing.
  • Decant the mixture into a paint scuttle (some users tip the contents directly onto the floor to work it out) and apply immediately with a brush or roller suitable for an epoxy coating. We suggest the four piece floor painting kit.
  • To achieve a smooth finish at the edges apply by brush.
  • We usually recommend two coats. Apply the second coat as soon as possible – preferably the next day to achieve adhesion between the two coats.

Approximate cure times on this product are: 24 hours for foot traffic and 7 days for a full cure (chemical resistance and mechanical properties)

Summary: An excellent choice if you are seeking a robust floor paint for a warehouse, workshop, garage, or catering outlet

Unsure which floor coating you need? Our blog gives information about where, when and how to use: polyurethane floor paint; two pack epoxy coatings and chlorinated rubber paint.

Usable time (1.0kg mix) at 20°C – 40 minutes
Minimum application temperature – 5°C
Initial cure (foot traffic) – 24 hours
Full cure (chemical resistance,
mechanical properties) – 7 days
Dry film thickness – 150 – 200 microns
Shelf life – 12 months
Storage temperature – 5°C – 35°C
Mixed S.G.@ 20°C – 1.30 – 1.40 (Resin & Curing Agent mixed together)


EPOXYTREAD Solvent Free Coating – High Build is resistant to a very wide range of chemicals, but we recommend that any specific chemical resistance properties should be cleared with our Technical Department before use.

Non-standard colours are available for an extra charge, please contact us for a price.

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)


Priming is especially recommended on surfaces which are very porous. Low viscosity EPOXYTREAD Solvent Free Primer should be used as this will provide maximum adhesion.

EPOXYTREAD Solvent Free Primer should be mixed in the proportions supplied, add the entire contents of curing agent B into the resin component A, when thoroughly mixed, preferably using a slow speed drill, the primer should be applied in a thin, continuous film using a roller or brush. Work the primer well into the surface of the concrete taking care to avoid puddling or over application.
Please note very porous substrates may require two coats of primer.


Apply by brush or roller; re-coating should take place as soon as possible to achieve good intercoat adhesion properties, preferably on the following day. If more than one day elapses between coats, abrade the surface lightly (with glass paper) before re-coating. We would normally recommend two coats of P.R.Solvent Free Coating – High Build for long-term protection and to gain the required thickness.


Add the full contents of curing agent component B to the contents of resin component A and mix thoroughly until an even colour is obtained.


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