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Shed and Fence Paint Colours that have great coverage and performance. From Palatine’s Oil Based Shed and Fence coating to Barrettine’s Water Based Fence Paint treatment. We have the perfect choice for you. Palatine’s Shed and Fence Paint Colours range has quickly become a number one Garden Paint choice for our customers. It’s great hiding power and waterproofing properties ensure it received only 5 star customer reviews.

Barrettine’s Fence Treatment is a more economical water based paint. It’s performance has an inferior lifespan to the oil based. The ease of use and cost makes this an appealing choice for short term protection.

From: £11.56

Garden Furniture Paint

Carbosolv White Spirit

From: £7.89
From: £8.59
From: £9.79

Garden Furniture Paint

FFJ 4-Piece Woodcare Brush Set

£7.48 exc VAT | £8.98 inc VAT
£8.40 exc VAT | £10.08 inc VAT
£3.35 exc VAT | £4.02 inc VAT

Log Cabin Paint

Prodec Woodworker Brush

£2.33 exc VAT | £2.80 inc VAT
£5.76 exc VAT | £6.91 inc VAT
£6.06 exc VAT | £7.27 inc VAT

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