Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver

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A high-quality, deep penetrating, low odour preserver to protect wood against wet rot  and wood boring insects. Its  semi-transparent matt/satin finish allows visibility of the natural wood texture. Ideal for use on pressure treated wood, treated timber or untreated wood.

  • Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber
  • Does not require over sealing for wood protection
  • Oil/spirit based for deep penetration
  • Protects against wood destroying fungi (wet rot) and insect attack

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Wood Preservative

Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver

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Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver protects against wood destroying wet rot,  wood boring insects and contains superb quality water repellent resins. With a low odour, this deep penetrating oil/spirit wood preservative is ideal for use on treated and untreated wood and gives a semi-transparent finish allowing the natural wood texture to show through. Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber,  Barrettine Wood Preserver does not require over sealing for wood protection so can stand alone.  It can also however, be used as a preservative base for overcoating with protective treatments, wood oils and oil based paints/varnishes, for aesthetic purposes (allow for weathering period). If using as a stand alone product, seven colour shades are available.

Product Highlights

  • UV Fade resistant colours
  • Durable protection against wet rot, decay and insect attack
  • Superior water repellency provided by high quality resins
  • Use on rough, sawn, or smooth treated or untreated timber
  • Translucent Matt-t0-Satin finish allows natural wood grain to show
  • Easy to use, low odour with no need to overseal

Applying Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver

Use outdoors to preserve wooden fences, gates, sheds and for most external wood care tasks including window frames, external doors and door frames (internal & external sections).  The Barrettine clear wood preserver can also be used on structural timbers in unoccupied areas such as floor joists. This wood preserver is also suitable for use on animal housing including chicken coops, stables and kennels **keep animals away until the surface is completely dry**

While Barrettine premier wood preserver is available in seven UV fade resistant colours, it can also be overcoated for aesthetic purposes or for additional protection, with suitable paints and wood oils. NOTE: Before overcoating, allow the wood to fully ‘weather’ after applying the preserver. This is especially important for water based paints as  the wax contained in the preserver will repel the water and prevent adherence of the paint. The ‘weathering’ process can take several months.


  • Wood must be dry, and dirt free. Remove previous coatings such as paint or varnish and clean with a biocidal wash
  • Apply in dry weather conditions by brush, roller or spray (wood can also be dipped)
  • 2 to 3 coats are recommended. Allow 12 to 14 hours between coats, depending upon weather conditions

Contact us via the online chat, phone or email for any questions about this item or to check stock. For information on caring for exterior wood check out our blogs

Contains Permethrin, Tebuconazole & IPBC. 

Protects uncontaminated timber against wet rot, decay and wood boring insect attack. 

Mainly for external applications but some Internal. (refer to internal and external information on the back of the tin/container).
Approved under COPR/BPR 

Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber, does not require over sealing. 

Harmless to plants and pets when dry. 

Oil/solvent based for deeper penetration. 

Low odour ready to use formulation. 

Superb quality water repellent resins. 

UV fade resistant colour pigments. 

High level, long lasting protection & preservation

Can be sprayed using an airless sprayer such as a Wagner or Graco ideally using a minimum 1mm flat fan tip nozzle (9 – 11 thou tip).
The sprayer must be thoroughly cleaned after application with white spirit and then oiled to protect the tip and moving parts (as per manufacturer’s instructions). This product cannot be sprayed with a traditional pump action garden sprayer.

Ensure wood to be treated is dry, free from dirt and repellent coatings such as paint or varnish. (remove and sand down as required).
Recommend using a biocidal wash such as Barrettine Knockout Mould and Mildew prior to treatment.
The final colour finish can vary considerably due to the age, type & condition of the timber being treated. We always recommend carrying out a test area first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you are happy with the final dried colour.
Brush, dip, roller or spray in suitable conditions. (When used outdoors make sure weather conditions are dry and still).
Coverage: 180ml per m2 or1 litre to 5-6 sq metres.
Drying times: 12 hours under normal conditions (20°C/65% rel. humidity).
Best results – recommend 2-3 applications/coats.
Clean equipment with Barrettine White Spirit.
Always read the label. Use biocides safely.

6 reviews for Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver

  1. addinsKen

  2. Donald Buchanan (verified owner)

    Excellent product easy to apply l have used several product from palatinepaints and I haven’t been disappointed with any of them.

  3. Wyn Britten-Jones (verified owner)

    After quite a bit of research I decided on Barrentine wood preserver and wasn’t disappointed, one large tin was just enough to do the inside of a new 8×9 pent shed.

  4. mark.d.clark (verified owner)

    Excellent product, easy to apply and provided a good coverage. I used the clear on a log cabin and I am very happy to recommend this wood preserver. I also contacted Palatine Paints for advice and found then very friendly and helpful.

  5. James Green (verified owner)

    Great product, used before and goes on well and protects the wood as indicated.
    Also great service and got the product within few days.
    Excellent all round. Thanks!

  6. John Nichols

    I ordered Barrettine wood protective treatment as needed to finish my large shed.
    I had already done porch, summerhouse and small shed.
    I was told it may be a long wait but this I was prepared to do. I was surprised to receive it after a few days.
    It went on very well, nice to use and very pleased with the colour red cedar.

    • jason (verified owner)

      Thanks John. We are doing our best in unusual circumstances!

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