Patio & Driveway Cleaner

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Patio & Driveway Cleaner cleans mould, algae and similar substances from surfaces such as patios and driveways.

They are easy to apply using a brush or cloth and are suitable for spraying, useful for larger areas. Once applied and left to work, the cleaner can be washed away with water, leaving the surface clean. For areas with a high build up of mould, a second use may be needed.

Barrettine’s cleaner is also suitable for use on other surfaces. These include brick, plaster tiles and timber.

Some of these cleaners can also be used to remove mould from indoor stone before painting. They require extra precautions if doing so however, to avoid damage to other surfaces. Please see the product pages for more details.

£8.56 exc VAT | £10.27 inc VAT
£9.69 exc VAT | £11.63 inc VAT

Patio & Driveway Cleaner

Barrettine Knockout Black Disinfectant

£6.74 exc VAT | £8.09 inc VAT
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