Wood Oils

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A selection of quality wood oils for a variety of purposes and wood types.

Teak oil is mainly used to treat unsealed wood, especially hardwood such as traditional wooden furniture. It provides a water resistant finish and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving a satin finish.

Danish oil can be used on most types of wood and gives resistance to water and stains. It provides a lustrous, slightly non-slip finish and is suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use.

Linseed oil is suitable for almost all wooden surfaces and retains the natural moisture content of wood while providing water resistance. It has a very slow drying time as it hardens when exposed to air. Boiled linseed oil is raw linseed oil blended with driers which improve its drying time. Boiled linseed oil is not suitable for use on oak.

The high quality that we offer ensures that there are no chances of flaking or peeling so the product lasts for several years before re-application is needed.

£84.02 exc VAT | £100.82 inc VAT

Garden Furniture Paint

Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil

£10.58 exc VAT | £12.70 inc VAT

Polishes & Shellacs

Barrettine Natural Bees Wax

£8.19 exc VAT | £9.83 inc VAT
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