What You Need To Know About Buying Yacht Varnish

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Yacht / Marine Varnish Plays An Important Role

Yacht Varnish is key to keeping your boat exterior in great condition. When it comes to owning a yacht, there are many exciting factors that will factor into your decision. From the layout and amenities to the style and aesthetic, there are numerous things that play into owning a yacht.

However, for many people, one of the most important factors is the look and feel of the boat. When you own a yacht, it’s essential to take care of it so that it remains in great condition for years to come.

A big part of caring for your yacht involves making sure you have all the necessary supplies on board.

A little bit of history on the origin of Yachts:

The word yacht itself was first utilized in Dutch back in the 16th century and said like “jacht” Dutch people were among the innovators of modern recreational sailing. They chased pirates and enemies on fast yachts while dominating the seas.

Nowadays, Yachts are not just for the rich but are used by many for recreational sailing. You can even rent a luxury yacht for a special occasion or date to enjoy with your friends and family. Yachts are available for sale online, a fully crewed yacht can be rented for a few thousand pounds!

Questions & Answers:

Is there an alternative to tin Yacht Varnish?

Yes, we have specifically formulated an Aerosol version, clear gloss. This is helpful for smaller areas that you need to coat. It can also be used for all types of external wood for protection. Find this product here: https://www.palatinepaints.co.uk/product/yacht-varnish-clear-gloss-for-exterior-wood-aerosol-spray

How long does yacht varnish take to dry?

Varnish depends on the varnish humidity and temperature, as well as on whether you want it to dry before things get cold and humid late in the day. You would like to be dust-free for a couple of hours so that the varnish gets dry enough that it won’t pick up dust.

Our Yacht varnish is surface dry in 2 hours with a hard dry in 8.

Is it possible to Varnish over existing varnish without sanding?

It is possible to varnish over the existing finish, but it is not recommended. You may experience adhesion issues because you don’t know what the base clear coat is or whether it is compatible with varnishes, even if you were able to determine it.

You must clean and wipe down the surface with mineral spirits and lacquer thinner on dampened cotton cloths before varnishing. Finally, you must sand the surface lightly.

What is the Purpose of Yacht Varnish?

Varnish is a protective coating that is applied to the surface of your boat to help protect it from the elements and against staining. While you may not be able to prevent your boat from being scratched or scraped as it is in regular use, using varnish can prevent your boat from getting stained.

This is especially true of the areas that are used the most like the table, the floors, and the walls. In addition to protecting your boat, varnish also helps your boat look even better. With a smooth and shiny surface, your boat will look more attractive and stylish than ever before.

Our Yacht varnish doesn’t just have to be limited to your Yacht though, It has many uses such as being applied on pieces of furniture, entrance doors and musical instruments.

An overview of the benefits of using our Marine Yacht Varnish

  • It provides excellent adhesion to wood and impregnates the material’s surface instantly, adhering to the wood structure for a long time and having a long-lasting effect.
  • UV radiation is absorbed and converted into heat by special components present in yacht varnish, making the sun’s almost negligible effect on the material protective film intact.
  • The varnish protecting boats from UV radiation contains special compounds that absorb and convert ultraviolet light into heat, protecting the protective coating from degradation. This minimizes the sun’s adverse effects.
  • The material is resistant to abrasion and wear thanks to the coating. The film protects the coating from scratches and chips in this case.
  • No chemical reactions occur when wiping the surface using household chemicals, if necessary. Acids, alkalis, and salts do not cause a reaction.

Why does your yacht need varnish?

Just like any other boat, your yacht needs to be protected with varnish. This protective coating is applied to the surfaces of your boat to prevent it from being stained and water damaged, it keeps out moisture and as mentioned in the benefits above, it provides you with a high level of UV protection. In addition to keeping your boat in great condition, varnish also makes your boat look more attractive.

With our high gloss varnish, it creates a quality finish that is smooth and shiny.


If you own a Yacht and want to keep the wood in great condition, you’ll be needing to apply several coats of Yacht varnish but the results would be fantastic, one that you would love to show off. Palatine Paints have spend years testing and applying all of our paints to ensure we reach the highest level of quality possible, our Yacht varnish has glowing reviews which allows our product to speak for itself.

Yacht Varnish Clear High Gloss, Interior & Exterior, 1lt | 2.5lt | 5lt


Palatine Yacht Varnish is a tough, traditional varnish for new, previously painted, stained or varnished surfaces.  Its quality and high gloss finish means it’s perfect for yachts, boats and other exterior wood projects.

Also available in an aerosol.

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Yacht Varnish Spray – Clear Gloss Aerosol


A tough varnish in a handy spray can for quick and easy use. Not just for yachts and boats, but all sorts of exterior uses.

  • Protects new, previously painted, stained and varnished surfaces
  • Extremely durable – resists cracking and blistering
  • High gloss finish spray
  • Also available in a tin format
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