All You Need to Know About Anti Graffiti Paint

All You Need to Know About Anti Graffiti Paint

Graffiti is an art form that has grown in popularity over the past few decades, while some people appreciate it as a form of expression, others see it as vandalism. As a result, property owners have looked for ways to prevent graffiti from appearing on their buildings. If you own property or work in an area where graffiti has become a problem, you’re probably wondering on the best way to prevent this from being a problem.

After all, no one likes viewing tags and other types of graffiti on buildings and other surfaces. So what can you do? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about anti-graffiti paint so you can determine if it’s the right choice for your needs, the products shown below are those we highly recommend on using if you choose to protect your walls this way.

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What is Anti-graffiti Paint?

Anti-graffiti paint is a type of paint that’s designed to prevent graffiti from being applied to walls and other surfaces. It can be applied using regular painting equipment and is easy to clean up in the event that someone tags your property. If applied correctly, anti-graffiti paint can last up to two years without needing to be repainted. Anti-graffiti paint is typically water-based and comes in either paint or spray form. It can be applied using the same methods as regular paint, but it has specially formulated properties that make it harder for graffiti artists to remove.

There are 3 different coatings:

Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Non-permanent, sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are virtually imperceptible when applied to surfaces. Unfortunately, removing graffiti with this method is a one-time affair. This type of anti-graffiti coating is most appropriate for structures and buildings that are rarely damaged by vandals. A fresh layer of coating must be put on once the graffiti is eliminated.

Permanent Anti-Graffiti Paints:

These permanent graffiti-resistant paints (Matt and Gloss finish) offer around 10 years of graffiti protection, as well as being available in both coloured and clear finishes. Silicone and other materials are typically used to keep graffiti media away from the substrate, resulting in simple, water-washable graffiti protection.

True Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coatings:

In order to be an effective permanent anti-graffiti coating, it must be able to withstand more than 20 years of cleaning and provide at least one clean per week for the lifetime of the coating. Polysiloxane-based and clear permanent anti-graffiti coatings usually form a low surface energy “shield” over protected materials and allow for fast and simple graffiti removal with non-toxic graffiti removal chemicals. They are most suited for protecting street furniture, painted murals, utility cabinets, and highways and railways, among other things. Subways and trains are particularly susceptible to graffiti.

Why Use Anti-Graffiti Paint?

Anti-graffiti paint is a good choice for anyone who wants to prevent tags and other types of graffiti from appearing on their buildings. It’s especially useful for commercial properties that may experience a lot of graffiti. While the graffiti may be a nuisance, the cost of removing it can be extremely high. By using an Anti-graffiti coating from Coo-var, you will find yourself saving  a lot of money and effort if your property was vandalised with graffiti.

How Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Work?

Like we mentioned above, anti-graffiti paint is specially formulated to make it harder for graffiti artists to remove their work from walls, doors, and other surfaces.

Anti-graffiti paint is typically thicker than standard paint, which means that it’s difficult to remove with a rag. It’s often necessary to use a special solvent to remove it, the paint is also tough to remove because the surface it’s applied to has a lower sheen than other paints. As a result, graffiti artists are less likely to be able to see what they’re doing while they’re applying it.

The coating is made up of pigment, binder, and solvents, each of which has a unique function.

Pigments colour the coating, or in our highlighted product no colour, binders are the glue in the coating, and once the coating dries, they bond to form a solid surface. Solvent is included in these coatings and paints to keep them wet throughout application, but it evaporates as the mixture dries, leaving the bond behind on the wall. Paints may not stick to the wall after the coating dries, since the mixture is not compatible with them.

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Which Type of Anti-Graffiti Paint Should You Buy?

When you’re shopping for anti-graffiti paint, you’ll notice that there are several different types and brands to choose from. All of them can help prevent graffiti, but some are better than others.

Coverage – How much coverage you can expect from each can of anti-graffiti paint will vary. To get an idea of how much you’ll need, total the length of your building and multiply it by two.

Brands – We stock the highest quality Anti-graffiti brands, like Coo-var.


If you’re looking to apply Anti-graffiti paints on a porous surface such as untreated wood, then you would need to use this sealer coat before applying the coat in the link mentioned in number 2.


This product is a two pack polyurethane coating, suitable for interior and exterior use. Very easy apply simply by using a brush or a roller.


Non-combustible surface materials such as plasterboard and brick that are frequently painted over can start a fire. Old, conventional paints are often applied without proper preparation, which may result in a fire hazard. Paint of various types is usually applied without using sufficient precautions.

Thick layers of paint frequently delaminate and catch fire in a fire, creating a lethal “flash over” fireball effect. Using Thermoguard flame retardant anti-graffiti paint, you get an insulating “intumescent” barrier coating, and Thermoguard flame retardant paint, the risk of death and damage can be dramatically reduced at a minimal cost with the added benefit of maintenance if the walls were covered in graffiti.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Anti-Graffity Paint?

As with any product, there are some disadvantages to using anti-graffiti paint.

For starters, it’s only effective for about four years, which means you’ll have to repaint your building at least once during that time. Another potential disadvantage is that some anti-graffiti paints have a strong smell, too much paint can also make the surface more difficult to clean.

While there are some disadvantages to using anti-graffiti paint, it’s an effective way to prevent graffiti from appearing on your property, especially if you’re in an area where graffiti is rife, it’s worth considering anti-graffiti paint as a way to reduce the amount of graffiti on your building and keeping your overall maintenance costs down.


Anti-graffiti paint is a great option for those who want to prevent unwanted tags and other types of graffiti from appearing on their properties. It is effective and inexpensive to apply. Depending on what brand of paint you use, the coating can last many year.

This is a perfect choice of paint for anyone who wants to create a barrier coating that prevents graffiti from being a problem.

Flame Retardant Anti-Graffiti Clear Glaze 5kg – Thermoguard

Thermoguard Flame Retardant Anti-Graffiti Clear Glaze is an anti-graffiti, flame retardant coating for walls. The chemically cured coatings provide excellent resistance to oils, inks and spray paints. Designed for use alongside Flame Retardant Anti-Graffiti Bond Colour Coat.

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Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Paint Two Pack


Coo Var Anti Graffiti Paint is a two pack polyurethane coating that provides a highly graffiti resistant finish to a variety of surfaces.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Suitable for Wood, Brick, Masonry and plaster
  • Apply by Brush or Roller
  • Gloss Finish
  • Colour: Clear
SKU: CVAGC2PK Categories: ,
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Coo-Var Graffiti Protection System Sealer Coat

£84.63 exc VAT | £101.56 inc VAT

A transparent sealer coat designed to be applied before the Anti-Graffiti Protection Coat if applying to a porous surface.

  • Suitable for exterior use
  • Suitable for Porous Surfaces
  • Apply by Brush or Roller
  • Off-Gloss Finish
  • Container Size: 2.5L
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