Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit Water Based

Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit is a two pack polyurethane coating for use as a highly graffiti resistant finish on a variety of surfaces.

  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior use
  • Suitable for Wood, Brick, Masonry and Plaster
  • Mix and Apply with included tools
  • Off Gloss Finish
  • Colour: Clear

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Product Description

Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit is a two pack polyurethane coating designed to provide a highly graffiti resistant finish to a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, including walls, statues, bridges, underpasses and toilets among many other surfaces likely to have graffiti applied to them.

The paint is easy to clean without affecting the coating. In addition, the coating does not support the growth of fungus and does not fade or yellow in exposure to ultra violet light.

This kit contains WB101 2.5kg mixed unit, brush, mixer, paddle, gloves and instructions.

Touch dry in 1 to 2 hours and hard dry in 24 hours. Leave a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 72 hours before overcoating.

For full details, please see the datasheets or contact us via the online chat, phone or email for any questions about this item or to check stock.


Surface Preperation

It is essential that all surfaces are laitence free, clean, dry and free from any contaminants such as loose particles, dust, grease, oils, fats and water. “Green” concrete and render must be left for one to two months to dry. If in doubt contact Technical Services on 01942 884122.

Mixing Instructions

The entire contents of the hardener tin must be added to the resin base and mixed thoroughly, using the mixing tool provided for two minutes ensuring the mixing action takes in full depth and perimeter of the container.

Application Conditions

Air temperature 5-30C, Humidity 85% RH maximum, non condensing.


Coo-Var resins and hardeners are generally harmless in use provided that certain precautions normally taken when handling chemicals are observed. The uncured material must not be allowed to come into contact with foodstuffs or food utensils, and measures should also be taken to prevent skin contact, since people with sensitive skin may be affected. The use of protective clothing, barrier creams, gloves and goggles is recommended. The skin should be thoroughly washed at the end of each working period, using either soap and water or resin removing creams. Do not wash the skin with cleaning solvents. Adequate ventilation in the working area is recommended. In case of accidental mouth or eye contact – wash thoroughly with clean water if in any doubt – consult a doctor immediately.

Estimated Coverage

14 to 18 sqm per kit


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Coo Var Anti Graffiti Kit - Water Based
Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit Water Based

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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