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Industrial Topcoat

Our industrial topcoats are formulated to help you achieve the perfect finish while adding an extra layer of performance and protection.  From direct to metal paints to mould resistant coatings. Choose from a variety of finishes gloss, satin (eggshell) or matt. Top sellers include:

  • Fast dry gloss/semi gloss paint ideal for spray application and used on steel work, railings, skips, containers, plant and machinery
  • Oxide gloss, a traditional oxide paint used as a one coat application to protect wood and metal
  • Chlorinated Rubber Paint for water and chemical resistance perfect for livestock and cleaning areas
  • Two hour gloss, a high gloss enamel for long term protection. Suitable for wood, metal and other surfaces

Check the additional details on each product for more information about application or if/when/which primer to use with particular topcoats.

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