Chlorinated Rubber Paint – Carbochlor

  • Ideal as a swimming pool or pond paint
  • For painting areas where hygiene is essential, such as livestock areas, kennels and stables
  • For areas where water and chemical resistance is crucial
  • Suitable for steel, concrete, road surfaces, manhole covers etc




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Product Description

Carbochlor is a chlorinated rubber paint, resistant to salt water and a wide range of chemicals. It is a popular choice for domestic ornamental ponds, poolside areas and animal housing. Widely used as a swimming pool paint and for painting areas where hygiene is essential, such as livestock areas, animal feed storage areas and dairy parlours. Suitable for use on steel, concrete, road surfaces, manhole covers etc.  Because it can be used on both walls and floors, Carbochlor chlorinated rubber paint is a superb choice for as dog kennels, catteries, hutches and stabling; giving you a surface that is easy to jet wash or hose down regularly.

Easy to keep clean with a hose or jet wash. Carbochlor comes in a range of colours, so makes an attractive, easily maintained paint option.

Application tips:

  • Apply the paint with a suitable solvent resistant roller or brush
  • Fumes can take a while to disperse so wear a mask when applying indoors in areas that are not well ventilated
  • Follow the instructions carefully – preparation is key to success with this coating
  • Resistant to water, fungal growth (mould resistant) and atmospheric pollution
  • Helps keep dirt accumulation at bay
  • For interior and exterior use

Check out our blog for more details on this versatile product.

Technical Summary:

  • Surface dry in 2 hours, overcoatable after 16 hours
  • Full hardness: 7 – 14 days
  • Keep coated areas dry for a minimum of 24 hours following application
  • Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC
  • Theoretical Coverage: 14 – 16m² per litre

We can add non-slip texture to this product which makes it even more suited to areas such as dog runs, animal housing, commercial food preparation areas. If applying on a floor, consider using Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint. We also have a chlorinated rubber based coating suitable for sealing garden ponds. For a similar coating designed for use on swimming pools, see Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint.

Please note: The colours shown on this Chlorinated Rubber Paint are only a guide. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours. In addition, everyone sees these colours differently.

We are a proud member of the British Coatings Federation.

Surfaces should be dry and free from loose and flaking materials, dirt, grease, wax etc. Sound paint should be tested for solvent reaction by applying Chlorinated Rubber Paint over a small test area and checking for softening or lifting of the old film.

For porous surfaces, thin the first coat with 5-10% of Palatine M.P Thinners and 1 – 2 subsequent neat coats. For bare mild steel the paint can be applied directly, however to maximise the coatings life span apply Palatine Fast Dry Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer which contains active Zinc Phosphate to inhibit rust. For Galvanised steel treat with Mordant solution (T- Wash).

On bare concrete it is recommended that the first coat be diluted with approx. 10-20% Palatine M.P Thinners by volume or For optimum performance Palatine Pliocem Concrete Sealer prior to application. This will act as a binding primer and help seal the Concrete surface. Once dried, a second coat can be applied at full strength.

Stir well before use. Apply by brush or a solvent resistant roller. Do not thin unless applying onto absorbent surfaces when up to 10% of Palatine M.P Thinners can be added. Apply paint evenly and do not apply in temperatures below 10 C. Avoid applying the paint too thickly to avoid delaying drying times. If using more than one batch of the same colour, intermix before use. Drying times will be extended at low temperatures. At 20 C; touch dry after 2-4 hours, re coat after 24 hours and within 7 days. If more than 7 days elapse, the first coat should be lightly abraded before the second coat is applied. Minimum 2 – 3 coats recommended. Avoid washing the surface for 7 days following application.

Keep coated areas dry for a minimum of 24 hours following application. Theoretical Coverage: 12 – 14m² per litre. Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application. For Thinning and Cleaning use Palatine M.P Thinners.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
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2.5 Litre, 5 Litre

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Ash Grey, Brick Red, Canary, Fawn, Flint Grey, Golden Yellow, Pink, Plum, Purple, Antelope, Apricot, Banana, Beaver, Black, Brownstone, Candy Floss, Carnival Red, Catkin, Cinnamon, Citrine, Clementine, Clover Pink, Deep Plum, French Mustard, Goose Grey, Jonquil, Light Blue, Light Grapefruit, Lindin, Lobster, Magnolia, Maori Brown, Moorland, Orchard, Peach, Petal, Poppy, Red, Rose Petal, Rosevale, Russet, Saddle, Saluki, Sapling, Savannah, Seafoam, Shell, Sierra, Storm Grey, Tawny, Tea Rose, Teak, Thyme, Tundra, Vandyke, Vanilla, White, Willow


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