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(76 customer reviews)

Long term protection for outdoor wood in 30 stock colours

Palatine Professional Shed and Fence paint is an oil based coating for fences, sheds and summerhouses. Available in 30 attractive colours including the current popular shades: anthracite grey, slate grey and sage green.

  • Suitable for exterior use on most types of wood
  • Can also be applied to concrete fence posts (no need to for additional masonry coating)
  • Durable long term protection in 30 stock colours including popular Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Unique delayed “wet edge” time allows for ease of use
  • Touch dry in 3 hours
  • No primer required




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Product Description

Palatine Professional Shed & Fence paint is an oil based paint that provides a durable finish to a variety of outdoor wooden surfaces. It is ideal for painting fence panels, sheds, summerhouses and other outdoor wooden surfaces.

Our Professional Shed & Fence paint works to protect most types of wood from the effects of the weather and sunlight. With a long lasting finish, it acts as an alternative to products designed with initial appearance and costs in mind, which often comes at the cost of performance and opacity.

Furthermore, our Shed & Fence paint can be used as a self-finishing coating with the correct preparation of the surface, which allows it to be applied to untreated wood directly without a primer. It is also suitable for painting concrete fence posts, preventing the need to buy a matching masonry paint.

We have been producing oil based paints since 1946 and take pride in the quality and performance of our paints. We aim to provide an efficient and friendly service to all of our customers from both the public and the trade sector.

If you would prefer a richer satin finish, check out our Lodge and Log Cabin Paint.

Shed and Fence Paint Colours and Surfaces:

Professional Shed and Fence paint is available in 30 attractive stock colours. We can also match to colours from the RAL Classic, BS 4800 and BS381C colour charts. Please contact us if you would like to order a colour not shown as an option.

Do you need a particular shade of grey fence paint, green shed paint, blue summerhouse paint or even a pastel pink Wendy house paint? If you’re looking to brighten up your garden, or blend in an ugly structure unobtrusively there is a shade for you.

Because you can use it on both woodwork and masonry posts (see our Pliocem Masonry Paint for a higher grade coating), it’s great for coordinating. Use on a variety of different fence types such as Close Board, Waney Lap, Feather Board, Weaved and Picket Fences. Palatine Professional Shed & Fence paint is a great choice for your protective, decorative coating needs.


  • Based on modified alkyd and linseed resin, (lead free) containing organic and inorganic pigments
  • Solvent-borne, linoleic rich coating
  • Touch dry in 3 hours
  • Excellent wet edge and flow out
  • No primer required
  • Can also be used on concrete posts
  • Available in 30 attractive colours including the highly popular Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

The correct solvent for thinning and cleaning for this product is Palatine White Spirit

GHS Flammable ghs 07

This shed and fence paint is from the Palatine Professional range. For treatments and preservers please take a look at other products in the wood section

Please note: The colours on the product listings are only given as a guide. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours. In addition, everyone sees these colours differently. Sample pots are available to order upon request.

Please note: a test patch is recommended when applying to tongue and groove

Colours Available: BS 381C, BS4800 and Ral Classic range.

Pack Sizes: 500 ml, 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 5 Litre.

Coverage / Drying Times:

Surface Dry: 3 hours

Hard Dry: 8 hours

Overcoat: after 24 hours
Keep coated areas dry for a minimum of 24 hours following application.
Please note, drying times will be extended at low temperatures. Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC

Theoretical Coverage: 12 – 14m² per litre.

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)

Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating system.
Here’s a concise guide for achieving excellent adhesion when painting over previously painted timber:

Scrape and Sand: Begin by scraping away any loose material and sanding down the remaining paint. This step ensures a smooth surface for the new paint to adhere to.
Clean Surface: Remove dust and debris from the timber surface.
Application of White Spirit:
Roller Application: It has been found to improve the adhesion of the first coat, apply a layer of white spirit using a roller to the surface. White spirit penetrates into the timber, helping to prepare it for the top coat.

Top Coat Application:
Immediate Application: Apply two coats of your desired top coat . The quick application of the first coat helps achieve better adhesion. Allow 12-24 hours between recoating. After this time has elapsed, light sanding will be required to achieve improved inter coat adhesion.

Remember to work in a well-ventilated area and follow safety precautions when handling paint and solvents.
For untreated timber or split timber, ensure knots, splits and nail heads are prepared correctly with the relevant preparation, e.g. knots to be sealed with a knotting solution / aluminium paint and nail heads filled in with an acrylic sealant, and splits filled in with a flexible wood filler.


Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 10°C), dry conditions.

Mix thoroughly for approximately 2 minutes using a drill stirrer. A wooden batten at least 25mm wide is also ideal.
Apply an even coat using a brush, short to medium pile roller on smooth surfaces and a long pile roller on textured surfaces
For spray application by either airless or conventional spray a dilution ration of no more than 10% is recommended with Palatine White Spirit by volume applying thin coats allowing each one to dry before applying subsequent coats.
Once dried, a second coat can be applied at full strength. This will prolong the life and performance of the coating.

Thinning and Cleaning: Use Palatine White Spirit.

If using more than one batch of the same colour, intermix before use

Please note: The colours on the product listings are only given as a guide. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours. In addition, everyone sees these colours differently. Sample pots are available to order upon request. Always carry out a test patch (approximately 100x100mm) before full application
to ensure compatibility with previous coatings and the substrate, and to ensure the colour achieved meets your requirements. Failure to do so will result in a product refund claim not being accepted.

How many 6ft by 5ft overlap fence panels does a 5 Litre tin cover?

As a guide a 5 Litre tin would cover approximately one side of 5-6 panels, with one coat

How many coats of the Shed & Fence paint are recommended?

We would recommend applying 2 full strength coats, we would then expect this to offer protection for between 3-5 years

Can Palatine Shed & Fence paint be applied over previous treatments?

Yes, the paint can be applied to previously treated surfaces, where we would advise lightly sanding the surface to ensure the paint adheres correctly

Can Palatine Shed & Fence paint be applied over surfaces previously treated with traditional creosote?

​You can paint over traditional creosote, but it requires specific steps to ensure a successful result. Creosote, which mainly consists of tar produced from wood combustion. It’s essential to address creosote properly because it is flammable, especially the highly concentrated third-stage creosote.
Here’s how you can paint over it:
Preparation: Scrape away loose debris from the surface using a wire brush. While removing the creosote isn’t necessary, ensure that you eliminate any loose dust, dirt, or debris before painting.
Choose the Right Paint: Use an aluminium wood primer to cover the creosote completely. Stir the paint well before applying it.
Apply Aluminium Paint: Follow the directions and apply the aluminium paint. Make sure the creosote is entirely covered.
Apply Primer: Once the aluminium paint dries, apply an oil-based primer
Finish Coat: After the primer dries, apply a good oil based shed & fence paint as the finish coat. Two coats are recommended to achieve full coverage and film performance.

Remember that overcoating traditional coal tar-based treatments like creosote can result in bleeding. Ideally, the creosote should be weathered before painting the surface. If you follow these steps, you can successfully paint over creosote and minimize any potential danger it may cause.

76 reviews for Shed & Fence Paint 1lt | 2.5lt | 5lt

  1. Jim duncan

    Excellent paint. Very easy to work with and superb customer service

  2. Keith Daniels

    I used the white for my picket fence. Great coverage/finish, after years of looking at a run of the mill waterbased product, supposidly offering 6 years protection. Easy to apply, will use again.

  3. Susan Harris

    Looking forward to my next delivery to complete my garden project of a new cabin and pergola. Ordered 3 sample pots. Very speedy delivery they came the next day. Samples were very true to shades on the internet. Have decided to use all 3 colours. Coverage using the samples was very good.

  4. Susan Harris

    Purchased 3 samples of Shed and Fence paint. Liked the colours so much have decided to blend and contrast. Now purchasing 12.5litres to complete a new cabin and pergola. Delivery was excellent. Pictures to follow once job complete.

  5. Samantha Barr

    Purchased a sample of anthracite shed and fence (as well as slate grey) and have decided that anthracite is the one so will be purchasing larger tins.

  6. Dot Holmes (verified owner)

    Great speedy service and fantastic paint, would definitely recommend

  7. Phil (verified owner)

    Purchased slate grey, needed 2 coats , finish looks good,allow more time for job as it takes longer to apply than other fence paints

  8. Dave A (verified owner)

    Great service, paint delivered on time which was crucial for finishing the project on time.

    Shed and fence paint was easy to apply and finished job looked great. Client very pleased.

    As with all decorating jobs preparation is everything. Whilst everything looked fine the paint wasn’t going on properly. After various discussions with Palatine’s Technical Department and some on-site trials the problem was found to the substrate. Further prep to the substrate was carried out and a fantastic finish achieved.

    My thanks to the Technical Team.

  9. Sophie

    Painted our garden fences last year in this paint and a year on is still looking as fresh as it first did! Amazing high quality paint wouldn’t go anywere else will definitely get more when needed from palatine paints , great service also as always! Thankyou

  10. Nikki (verified owner)

    We have painted our fence several times over the past few years using various water based stains from very good brands but found the paint never weathered well at all. Finally we bought and oil based paint from Palatine and the difference is visible straight away, very good quality highly pigmented paint and after one coat already looks so much brighter than any of the others we have used previously. Will be ordering more.

  11. Frances McMenemy (verified owner)

    Excellent shed and fence paint. Have bought several pots in various colours and excellent service and speedy delivery every time. Oil based paint that goes on easily and should last a while

  12. David (verified owner)

    As a professional painter who has used many different fence paints this is by far the best I have used. It has covered in one coat (on both pre-painted fence and new fence). Absolutely worth the money. Quick delivery too! Will absolutely buy again.

  13. Darren T (verified owner)

    Best fence paint on the market don’t waste your time and money with cheap fence paints from DIY stores

  14. pjdsw (verified owner)

    great product great finish excellent service only one coat required

  15. Mr D

    This was the first time I used Palatine Paints, I wanted a shed paint that wasn’t water based and luckily I found this site. I am really happy with the result, it took a good couple of coats but the end result was worth it. I would definitely recommend and i will be using them in the future. 5* Thanks

  16. Frances McMenemy (verified owner)

    Took a wee while to get samples sent out but once I had them online ordering was easy. The Shed & Paint arrived within a few days and was well packaged. Really pleased with the results- went on well onto new shed- took 2coats as we did first one diluted a bit with white spirit. Rain now just runs off the shed. Going to order more for my fence and bench- love the variety of colours available in this oil based paint.

  17. Chris Noone

    Excellent alternative to water based paints. The colour is richer than other alternatives.

  18. Stuart (verified owner)

    Used this product for a customer who is hoping for a longer lasting fence paint than the usual DIY store products. It has covered very well indeed, so we are confident that it will prove to weather well. An excellent alternative to the water based varieties.

  19. Margaret Hardy (verified owner)

    Ordered this paint for our new 10 x 8 pent shed arrived early the next day. Paint covered the shed really well with probably enough left for a second coat. Lovely colour – very impressed.

  20. Yvonne Scotton (verified owner)

    Great product, used Anthracite grey on the fence, one coat is sufficient , I have already recommended it to friends. will definitely order more.

  21. Jonathan Bateson (verified owner)

    Would recommend for fences. Covers in 1 coat. Very easy to use

  22. Grant Jackson

    Good product, covered well and looks great.

  23. Michael (verified owner)

    I was looking for a high quality oil-based fence paint and found Palatine Paints online. I’m very happy with the quality of the paint, it went on smoothly with a sprayer and the anthracite grey colour looks fantastic!

  24. Colin

    Excellent quality oil based paint fantastic coverage even when thinned with the recomended10% white spirit, fantastic range of colours and excellent value for the price. Customer service and knowledge from all the staff was faultless.

  25. Colin

    Excellent quality oil based paint good coverage even when thinned with the recomended 10% white spirit also fantastic value for the price and great range of colours.

  26. ct251264

    Fantastic quality, nice and thick oil-based. Smooth to apply. You get what you pay for, ‘Quality’.

  27. Rob

    Great quality paint. Good customer service and quick delivery.

  28. Rob

    Great quality paint. Fast delivery. Customer service very helpful snd swift response.

  29. lynsey jayne Mayo (verified owner)

    Brilliant product much better than water base paints

  30. louise_1982_2002 (verified owner)

    I was looking for an oil based shed paint when I came across this company. Lots of colours to choose from. Fast delivery. Very pleased with the paint colour, it was just like the swatch and the paint is fab. Look forward to ordering more

  31. Muhammad Zeb (verified owner)

    First time bought paint from Palatine paints, best shed and fence paint I have ever used. Very quick to dry for an oil based paint. Colour exactly matched with description. Ordering more to complete the project

  32. Lynn Franklin (verified owner)

    very pleased with the paint for a new gazebo so far, easy to use and good coverage, looking forward to seeing it all together, great service and quick delivery

  33. James Henshaw

    The paint was very high quality and arrived quickly. The colour we ordered, anthracite, matched our windows perfectly.

  34. Peter Beecroft (verified owner)

    Bought two 5 l tins to paint exposed soffit and eaves on a house. This was the most reasonably priced solvent based paint I could find. Good colour match. Covers well, doesn’t go as far as water based paint but I’m sure it will last a lot longer.

  35. Michelle Greaves (verified owner)

    I was told to use oil based paint or stain on my new shed to protect it – was so difficult to find as most brands are waterbased these days. It’s more expensive than water based stuff but I loved the colour range, so I got this in Regal Purple. It was delivered quickly – by the company directly not a courier or delivery company! Although that might just be because it’s only a short hop up the M1.

    5L covered 2 coats on my shed with about a quarter of the pot left. Went on well (used rollers and brushes) and dried quickly. Will have to see how well it weathers but so far all good!

  36. Philip Little (verified owner)

    Recently we moved into a new house, which has extensive lengths of new garden fencing. The Palatine paint was delivered promptly & was very easy to apply by brush & spray. It dries fairly quickly, with excellent finished results. I intend to order more for our new summer house.

  37. Martin r lunn (verified owner)

    This paint is great. Used it to waterproof my shed water just runs off. Roller or brush it’s so easy to put on.

  38. kishe (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly. Excellent packaging. Beautiful colour. Rich paint easy to apply and has transformed our garden summer room. It rained and I watched the water bead off the paint. Exactly what we wanted. Wold recommend

  39. Mike Costelloe (verified owner)

    We’ve used this paint on a new tanalised summer house and after two coats there’s a firm waterproof coating with strong colour. The paint dries to a matt finish and is relatively easy to mark, however this isn’t a problem and we’re back for more. The sapphire blue is more vibrant than expected so samples are a good idea. The paint came very well packaged.

  40. Sally Lyons (verified owner)

    Easy to apply. Excellent coverage and finish .Our shed looks like new.
    Fast and efficient delivery. This product is highly recommended.

  41. Cynthia Litnianska

    Delighted with the Shed and Fence Paint! It goes on like a dream and looks very professional. It dries quickly so I found it best to pour some into a paint kettle rather than leave the lid off the can. I also diluted it with a little white spirit which still gave an excellent finish! Can’t fault it! Remember to wear a mask though.

  42. Jeff Fox (verified owner)

    Great paint, good shade, fantastic coverage.

  43. Val McKenna

    Really pleased with the shade of your Anthricite. I wanted a darker shade of grey and it did the job.

  44. Val McKenna

    Really pleased with the colour of the Anthracite paint. A darker shade of grey, just what I wanted

  45. Sandra Cook (verified owner)

    Our fence had been painted dark oak for years and we really wanted to give it a lift so chose the ivory colour from the Palatine Professional range. We were extremely impressed with how well it covered the dark oak just with one coat. Yes it will need a second coat for the finish we’re seeking but if you were going over a lighter colour or painting for the first time then you wouldn’t be disappointed after one coat. Highly recommend.

  46. Philip Holdway (verified owner)

    excellent service and product and i will be back

  47. Alastair Scott (verified owner)

    Really fast delivery and the paint went on really well with a fantastic finish. Highly recommended

  48. Janet Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Paint arrived next day and was really well packaged. Being oil based it’s like a gloss paint but dries to a matt finish. It is easy to use and our shed looks good with just one coat but we will give it a second coat as recommended. It covers really well and no under coat required. We used the ‘Seagreen’ and are really pleased with the colour.

  49. Karen Bradley (verified owner)

    Returning customer as product is excellent with fast delivery

  50. Sharon B (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, great paint, great coverage and finish. Will definitely buy again!

  51. Ian M (verified owner)

    Great paint, love the colour and the finish on our new summerhouse.

  52. Karen Bradley (verified owner)

    Bought 2 different fence colours – both excellent with great coverage that easily covered old and outdated fence colour

  53. Alison Davidson (verified owner)

    Great product. Goes on well and is a nice dark grey shade

  54. Mara (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing product, got the Anthracyte grey colour and I LOVE it!!!!

  55. Ian Raine (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this product. I have used 30 litres so far on fence panels and both brush and medium pile roller application is good. Coverage wise, on a new 6′ x 6′ feather board panel, I get just over 3 panels double coated on one side from a 5 litre tin. Not cheap, but it is value for money as I have confidence this solvent based product will stand the test of time and British weather many times better than the (essentially) coloured water treatments that fill the shelves of the DIY outlets and then need reapplying every one or two years.

  56. Graeme Hewitt (verified owner)

    bought Anthracite grey masonary paint and the shed and fence paint Anthracite grey great paint to use one coat was enough for house and an old fence that was painted red cedar for many years came up great you can tell this paint is good quality when you open the tin slightly different shades but it was ok i am now going to order more
    its that good very happy justnow thanks Palatine

  57. anne (verified owner)

    I was advised I needed an oil based paint for my summer house. Couldn’t find any in stores, but came across Palatine online. Can honestly say its the best shed/fence paint I’ve used. Although it’s more expensive than most fence paints it is definitely worth the money. The coverage and colour is great. I used light grey. I’ve given the summerhouse two coats of paint, and barely used a quarter of the 5lt tin. Will be ordering Anthracite grey in future for the fences.

  58. Steven Cusack (verified owner)

    after many years of going to BQ and the rest of these DIY stores and buying paint that doesnt last or say what it does on the tin for my fencing and decking , I decided to try palatine paints bought shed and fence paint anthracite grey wood preserver a bit more expensive I have a large area to paint and bought 20l and \i must say I am very impressed with the quality of the paint , finish , coverage and it seems to just be part of the wood when dry only time will tell if it lasts but at this point I am very happy

  59. David Davies (verified owner)

    Recently bought a brand new summerhouse and was told by the manufacturer to paint with 2 coats of an oil or solvent paint. Bought Palatine 2.5 litre Shadeline Grey. Easy to use and finish looks great. I read that the paint covers 12 – 14 sq mtr per litre. I’ve used the tin to cover 22 sq metres and now have to buy another tin to finish second coat. Never mind as the product is good.

  60. tourdescotland (verified owner)

    Best paint iv ever used in ma shed and garden furniture.. was looking old and tired and now looking amazing..but cheap paint two three or four quality and paint once with confidence

  61. baz.lucas (verified owner)

    Walked passed their shop for years , l should have gone in and brought their products years ago , best coverage and quality l have come across in a long time , you get what you pay for top paint .

  62. Shaun Wood (verified owner)

    Was looking an oil based paint that would go over existing brown oil paint. Came across Palatine, bought two 5 ltrs in black and the finish is great. Wife even loves it!! Will be buying more to finish my many fences

  63. Angela (verified owner)

    Well worth the 5 stars
    Have just painted my shed in the light grey, it is an excellent quality paint, covering well with just one coat.
    Getting a lot of comments on the fabulous colour.

  64. Wesley Marshall (verified owner)

    Top quality paints, far better than cheaper alternatives
    Excellent customer service team

  65. Rod Harrison

    I recently purchased a tin of anthracite grey fence paint.
    Looks as though it will give full coverage in just one coat & the colour is perfect.
    I’m planning to order some 5 litre tins.

  66. KEITH GYPPS (verified owner)

    Five stars for the paint.
    Two stars for delivery.
    Paint arrived in a smashed box with a big dent in the tin that had forced the paint to spill out. I emailed photos thinking that you might want to know, i never had the courtesy of a reply.

    • jason (verified owner)

      Thanks for the comments Keith and we are sorry about any damage that occurred in transit (this is very rare). We do not appear to have received your email which is perhaps why you haven’t received a response. If you’d like to try again we would welcome your photos so we can raise it with the carriers.

  67. Sandra Liddell (verified owner)

    Just to let everyone know that this product does what it says on the tin. Extremely pleased with the product and the service from the customer service. Will buy this paint again without hesitation.

  68. John Gilbert (verified owner)

    Excellent paint and service,will be placing a second order very soon.

  69. Stephen Severn (verified owner)

    Excellent product, competitively priced, completely satisfied.

  70. Mr N Smart

    I’ve used this product several times, the colour is vibrant, it covers extremely well and is touch dry in 3 hours as stated.
    Several neighbours commented on the finish, one passer by said it was just the colour he was looking for to paint his shed (Slate grey) and photographed the empty tin.
    The paint vastly transforms surfaces and in my opinion is far superior to other standard paints.

    I’m purchasing an additional 10ls today to keep in storage!

  71. Debbie Crichton (verified owner)

    Just to let you know how pleased we are with the paint that you sent to us last week.
    We ordered shade light grey for our fences. It has covered over black with just one coat.
    Very happy with purchase.
    Thanks again.

  72. Sue Duglan (verified owner)

    This paint is so easy to apply and is a fab colour. Definitely worth the money it is a permanent solution to weatherproofing our new shed 🙂

  73. Ian Strang (verified owner)

    This paint is great. I searched everywhere for an anthracite paint that actually looks anthracite.
    Every other brand is more grey with a blue tint.
    As you can see from the photo it matches the anthracite on my garden office perfectly.
    The first coat took a couple of hours and the second coat, the next day, just half an hour.
    Went on easily, looks fantastic, can’t recommend enough.

  74. Sheila Hopper (verified owner)

    Although more expensive than most fence paints it is certainly worth the money.
    We have had several people admire the fencing and really liking the colour, we chose anthracite grey. We have a large expanse of fence being on a corner, so it does catch the eye!

  75. Shraddha Meti

    very good product

  76. Shraddha Meti

    very good product and value for money

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