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Carbosolv Xylene Thinners Solvents

Xylene thinners are used to thin several of our paints, including:

Please allow 1-2 working days for next day delivery of 25L items. This is due to the operation times of the hazardous goods vehicles of the external couriers.



Product Description

Carbosolv Xylene Thinners are the solvent used for our range of fast drying paints designed for spray application (gloss, semi-gloss and metal primer), as well as our Hammershield metal paint and Carbochlor chlorinated rubber paint.

When thinning for spraying, please refer to the technical data sheet of the relevant paint. This will offer guidance in order to dilute at the correct ratio. For most top coats the recommended dilution would be 1 part xylene thinner to 10 parts paint or about 10%.

For primers such as Palatine Fast Dry Metal the recommended dilution would be 1.5 parts thinner to 10 parts paint or about 15%.

Xylene solvent is also used for cleaning spray equipment and equipment such as solvent resistant rollers and brushes after applying these paints.



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Carbosolv Xylene Thinners 5L
Carbosolv Xylene Thinners Solvents
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