Fast Dry Metal Primer

A Fast Drying Anti Corrosive solvent borne metal primer for ferrous metals. Suitable for mild-carbon Stainless steel, cast and wrought Iron and contains modified Zinc Phosphate

  • Solvent borne
  • High build, protective finish
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Touch dry in 15 minutes

GHS Flammable  ghs 07  GHS08 Label

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Fast dry metal primer is an anti corrosive, quick drying, solvent based metal primer undercoat for ferrous metals. Our metal primer is intended for mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast and wrought Iron. Touch dry in 15 minutes, it’s ideal for spray application. Gives excellent protection to your surface before application of Fast Dry Gloss top coat.

Fast dry metal primer undercoat is ideal for situations where you need to apply a primer quickly and easily. Gives long term protection due to modified zinc phosphate, making it great for use on machinery, tools, structural steel, scaffolding and more.

If you are using a rust remover, note that some rust removers (based on phosphoric acid) tend to leave an electrically insulating film on ferrous metals. We advise you not use these or to remove them with an appropriate cleaner before applying our fast dry metal primer.

  • Solvent borne
  • High build, protective finish
  • Anti-corrosive

We are a proud member of the British Coatings Federation.

Product Documents

Coverage / Drying Times:

Surface Dry: 15 minutes

Overcoat: after 1 hour
Keep coated areas dry for a minimum of 24 hours following application.
Please note, drying times will be extended at low temperatures. Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC

Theoretical Coverage: 12 – 14m² per litre.

Thinning and Cleaning: Use Multi Purpose Thinners.
If using more than one batch of the same colour, intermix before use

(Coverage rate can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.)


Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating system. Before you begin ensure the area is free from any dust, oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants.

Ideal enhanced protection beneath Palatine’s selected Top Coats.
For non-ferrous metals use Palatine Fast Dry etching primer.
A test area on unknown previously painted surfaces must be carried out prior to full application
Rub down previously gloss painted surfaces with fine waterproof abrasive paper and rinse thoroughly.


Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 10°C), dry conditions.

Mix thoroughly for approximately 2 minutes using a drill stirrer. A wooden batten at least 25mm wide is also ideal.
For spray application by either airless or conventional spray a dilution ration of no more than 10% is recommended with Palatine Multi Purpose Thinners by volume.
Apply an even coat using a brush (rapid strokes) or a solvent resistant roller.
For application onto wooden surfaces, a minimum of two coats is recommended.


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Fast Dry Metal Primer Grey 5L
Fast Dry Metal Primer
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