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Teamalak 2K High Performance Marine Varnish

A two component polyurethane varnish for use both above and below the waterline.

  • Marine varnish for wood, steel and correctly prepared aluminium
  • Gloss finish
  • Estimated coverage: 7 to 8m² per litre



Product Description

Teamalak 2K High Performance Marine Varnish is a two pack gloss varnish designed for use on wood, steel and correctly prepared aluminium. It is designed to be applied both above and below the waterline, protecting surfaces that sit below the water.

This polyurethane varnish will extend the lifespan of your boat with scratch resistance and UV protection. It also features an easy to clean finish, which makes the removal of algae and fungal growth easier.

Teamalak High Performance Marine Varnish can be used on narrowboats, dinghies, yachts, cruisers, commercial vehicles and other marine surfaces. It protects these vessels from the weather, saltwater and wear while creating an amazing high gloss finish.

Please Note:

This product contains Isocyanates and is therefore a professional-use product. The appropriate health and safety precautions should be taken and users are required to have the correct training to use this coating.


Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from contaminants. Wood should be sanded prior to coating to ensure an adequate “key” is produced. Not for use over conventional solvent based varnishes.

Mixing Instructions

The product is supplied in two containers: one larger than the other and labelled Base. The other smaller one labelled Activator. The contents of the pack marked Activator are added to the contents of the larger pack marked Base and thoroughly mixed together, preferably by slow speed electric mixer for 2 minutes or until thoroughly mixed. Failure to mix the material correctly will lead to uncured areas in the coating. Do not thin.

Application Conditions

Apply between 5°C to 30°C by brush or short nap mohair roller. This product can also be spray applied in approved conditions. When brush or roller applied at ambient temperatures – these products do not emit free Isocyanate at above levels recommended by C.O.S.H.H. Regulations. However, the protective measures shown on the product labels and safety data sheets must be followed. When used at elevated temperatures or atomised (sprayed) these products do emit small amounts of free Isocyanate and should only be sprayed in an atmosphere controlled working area, with suitable ventilation or flame proof extraction of air. Operatives must wear suitable protective clothing and separate air fed breathing apparatus. It is recommended that spraying of these products be avoided wherever possible to facilitate uncomplicated application and site conditions.


6 to 8 hours
Once the parts are mixed together, the material has to be used within this time.

Preceding Coat

Apply direct to wood.

Subsequent Coat

Teamalak High Performance Varnish – for best results apply 2 to 3 coats.

Estimated Coverage

8sqm per litre


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Teamalak High Performance Marine Varnish
Teamalak 2K High Performance Marine Varnish
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