Damp Proof Membrane Paint

Palatine Damp Proof Membrane is a solvent free, two component, moisture mitigating and water vapour suppressing liquid damp proof membrane.

  • Designed to seal damp or wet concrete, cement and other surfaces.
  • Seals substrates with up to 97% relative humidity prior to overcoating with resin finishes.




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Product Description

Palatine Damp Proof Membrane is a solvent free, two component, moisture mitigating and water vapour suppressing liquid damp proof membrane. Provides outstanding substrate penetrative properties. Formulated cured film flexibilisation allows for substrate coefficient of expansion accommodation. along with excellent adhesive and cohesive bond strength properties, enabling early application with suitable resin product types.

To form a surface damp proof membrane and moisture vapour suppressant to concrete/screed surfaces. PR Epoxy DPM is ideal for fast-track building programmes associated with the risk of residual rising moisture as trapped water within the underlying substrate.

Liquid Mixture
0.25 – 0.35 kg/m2 (first coat) 0.20 – 0.25 kg/m2 (second coat)

Film Thickness

200 – 350 microns (0.20 – 0.35 µm)

Application Temperature

5 – 30°C
(min 3°C above dew point)

Shelf Life
24 months in original unopened container.

Keep dry at 10 – 25°C, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Working Time
40 minutes @ 20°C

Foot Traffic
After 18 – 24 hours @ 20°C

Overcoating Window
8 – 24 hours @ 20°C

Substrate Preparation

The concrete or suitably approved cementitious semi dry polymer modified / proprietary screed substrate must be prepared by vacuum assisted shot blasting, rough surface profile cement-based laitance can be additionally removed by localised diamond grinding.
PR Epoxy DPM can be applied to the surface directly if the substrate does not exceed 97% RH (Relative Humidity). The surface should be visibly dry and free of any surface water, additionally the mechanically prepared substrate must be clean and free of dust and loose debris. All traces of contaminants such as grease, oils, fats, paint, chemicals, algae, and laitance related residues must be removed during the mechanical substrate preparation process.
The substrate surface should have an adhesive bond strength of 1.5 N/mm2
as a minimum requirement. Cracking or identified hollowness in the substrate should be appropriately remediated using suitably approved Palatine Paints repair products before commencing with the application.

Application Instructions

PR Epoxy DPM is manufactured in two component containers in the exact stoichiometric mixing ratio. The entire contents of the B Component
container are emptied into the A Component container. Both components are mechanically mixed using a suitable electric drill and paddle / spinner until they are homogenously combined (2 – 3 minutes).The inclusion of air in the mixing process must be avoided by keeping the mixing head fully submerged in the combined A and B components until mixing is completed.

After emptying the mixed product into a clean and dry container, the product is applied to the mechanically prepared substrate using a rubber squeegee, care must be taken during application to provide a fully coated and closed film forming surface. A second coat is to be applied after a minimum cure time of 8 hours has elapsed at 20°C. Both first and second coats of the wet surface of the squeegee applied primer is then rolled with a short piler mohair roller to facilitate the even closed surface finish of the applied primer. To improve the floor finish adhesion the second coat of the wet surface of the primer is scattered lightly with dry quartz / silica sand (52 and 60 mesh dry silica sand or natural quartz 0.3 – 0.8 mm) at an approximate consumption rate of approximately 0.8 – 1.0 kg / m2.

Cleaning & MaintenanceCleaning & Maintenance

For the long-term maintenance of the properties of polymer flooring materials, a regular cleaning and care programme is recommended.


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