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Your Paint Related Questions

We’ve post your question followed by our answer and then, where relevant we’ve followed with links to our products, so that you can find more information quickly and efficiently.

What can I use to paint a galvanised metal shed?

If the galvanised surface is new/’shiny’ – first treat with etching primer. If it is an older ‘blackened’ galvanised surface use zinc rich primer. Follow with a suitable protective topcoat such as 2 hour gloss

What is the best paint product to stop rust?

Our oxide primers (in red, grey and white) are rust inhibitive and will stop rust coming through for a short period of time, while our Carboxide Metal Primer has an anti corrosive, high zinc phosphate formula that will provide excellent protection in harsh conditions. For ultimate protection against rust and corrosion use our Zinc Rich Primer

What can I use to paint a rough sawn gate that has been previously stained?

Palatine Professional Matt finish (available to colour match) will give an opaque finish which can be matched to the colour of the previous stainer. Minimum order 1L

Palatine Professional Matt Finish

What’s best for painting garage doors?

For metal doors our Two Hour Gloss paint gives a high gloss protective finish and can be colour matched. Hammershield direct to metal paint is another good option. For wooden doors Two Hour Gloss would also be great or use Palatine Professional if a Matt or Satin finish is required. All purpose primer is recommended for non-treated surfaces.

Which of your products should we use for painting shipping containers and cabins?

Our fast dry gloss is ideal for skips, containers and cabins. It gives a great finish and is touch dry in 20 minutes. It’s suitable for spraying. If you intend to apply buy brush, our two hour gloss would be perfect. We can match to RAL and BS colour codes.

What is the difference between GOLDEN YELLOW and GOLDCUP YELLOW

These colours are similar and are commonly used for vehicles, plant and machinery etc. Goldcup was the colour of the old GPO/Telcomms livery. Goldcup is very slightly ‘orangier’ than Golden Yellow.

Do you sell WELD THRU Primer?

Yes our Zinc Rich Primer is the equivalent to this product. It prevents rust creep that can by caused as a result of in-situ welding work. It’s also a very good self-finish coating for protecting metal against rust.

Carbogalv Zinc Rich Primer

What does PLIOCEM CONCRETE SEALER look like once it is applied?

When it’s dry it has a wet look finish similar to our polyurethane varnish finish. It is ideal for dustproofing concrete floors. You’ll find customer photos in our blog

Is there a product I can apply to my concrete floor to stop the dust?

See the answer above! Pliocem Sealer is a great dustproofer. Do not use it on freshly laid concrete; allow to cure/mature before sealing. If you need to use a floor immediately after concrete has been laid ask us about damp proof membrane products

Pliocem Concrete Sealer

Can I paint over roofing felt with bitumen paint to seal any perforations?

“I have a small shed which has felt covering showing no obvious damage yet it leaks when heavy rain. Can I paint over roofing felt with bitumen paint to seal any perforations and if so can I apply when it’s cold as long as it’s dry (temp approx 5ºC)? Just a temporary fix until summer to stop timbers rotting.”

Yes but if the leaks are significant you may need a more viscous (thicker) bitumen paint so might need to consider a roofing compound or mastic which would seal larger areas. As the holes are not obvious the bitumen will be a good place to start. The only slight impact the temperature would have is on the drying time due to colder temperatures. Just make sure it isn’t first thing in the morning or late at night and not misty 🙂

Can I use varnish on a stone hearth?

I am hoping to varnish or seal a stone hearth- or seal maybe (basically so that I can just wipe over to keep clean, keep dust etc) Would your pliocem sealer be ok for heat resistance etc?

Pliocem Clear Sealer will be fine in terms of the heat resistance should be fine as long as the surface doesn’t exceed 100ºC and is not subject to a naked flame

Pliocem Clear Sealer

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