Our top five paints!

Our top five paint products?

Is this something you’ve asked…well no. But we do obviously assess what people are buying and what they’re telling their friends about. We also note trends in colour and finishes for various products.

We thought you’d be interested to know what our current top 5 best sellers are so…drum roll…here they come:

No.1 Palatine Professional Satin Finish

People are loving our satin finish, decorative and protective top coat for interior / exterior use. The satin finish means your surface will reflect some light, but doesn’t have the high ‘mirror’ finish of gloss. With its high opacity, Palatine Professional satin finish paint will give a great looking surface which is touch dry in 3 hours. Use on internal or external wood and metal surfaces.

Most Popular Colour? Contemporary anthracite grey is a really popular choice for Palatine Professional Satin Finish.

Our customers tell us the subtle, darker shade of grey in a high quality, satin finish is perfect for modern looking window frames and doors.

We can colour match to RAL Classic and BS 381C /Bs 4800 codes


No. 2 Carbotread Polyurethane Floor Paint

Providing a tough, durable finish for internal use, Carbotread polyurethane floor paint gives a protective, decorative finish to floors.  It is visually appealing and easy to clean, and is extremely popular with our customers for all kinds of areas including workshops, kitchens, shop floors and garages.

Most Popular Colour? Light grey is the most popular choice of colour.  Bright and practical for workshops, village halls, ktichen areas and more. Tile red runs a close second…it’s used to brighten up quarry tiled floors or where a warmer colour is needed.

White is the preferred choice for Pliocem, closely followed by silk grey.

No.3 Pliocem Masonry Paint

Pliolite® based masonry paint forms a tough, durable film with superior weathering and provides a quality, smooth, decorative finish. It has excellent adhesion and acts as a barrier against water on new and previously painted masonry. Suitable for cement rendering, brick and concrete.  You can even use it in low temperatures or when rain is imminent. Rainproof in 20 minutes.

Most Popular Colour? White is still the most popular colour for our masonry paint, with silk grey becoming increasingly popular recently. Great for cottages, garden walls, rendered houses, workshops and more!

  • Provides a long lasting coating with excellent adhesion and resistance to moisture and alkali attack
  • Dark Grey Masonry Paint (highly popular)

No 4. Carboxide Agricultural & Industrial Gloss

Red Oxide Gloss is popular with farmers

Popular with our farming customers and our agricultural stockists, this is our traditional oxide gloss paint for protecting metal and wood.  It is an excellent and practical, weatherproof paint that is touch dry in 3 hours.

Most Popular Colour? Traditional red oxide gloss is of course always popular, but green is actually a firm favourite among our customers.

The shades vary from Juniper Green, to Deep Emerald Green to Light Brunswick Green but green’s definitely a favourite in the agricultural sector. (More about the origins of Brunswick Green in our Colour Blog!)

No.5 Polyurethane Floor Varnish

Customers are full of praise for our Polyurethane Floor Varnish which gives a high protection to wood floors in a gloss or eggshell finish.

Use on bare wood and also previously painted, stained or varnished floors. Ideal for floor boards and hardwood floors where a natural appearance is required whilst protecting the surface. Provides a tough, durable finish.

Most Popular Finish? Gloss finish just has the edge on eggshell in popularity. This one really depends on personal preference. Take a look a our blog  “Floor Varnish…A Spotlight on Customers’ Projects” to read more about the varnish used by Wigan Roller Rink and The Lock Cocktail Bar.


What paint would you use?

We’d love to know which options you’d choose.

Take a look at the colour and finish choices on our paints and get in touch with us on social media or by email (see the contact page). If you regularly buy paint from us here at Palatine Paints, do tag us in any pictures you share and please take the time to pop us a review on TrustPilot.

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