Barrettine Wood Reviver

Wood Reviver is a water-based formulation containing oxalic acid. It will turn back the clock, restoring grey, UV-damaged wood to its original warm tones.

Ready to use formulation is low VOC and free from chlorine bleach.




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Barrettine Wood Reviver restores greyed and silvered wood to its former warm wood tones. The water-based formulation contains oxalic acid, a biodegradable organic acid naturally found naturally in plants like rhubarb and spinach.

Turn back the clock to restore grey, UV-damaged wood to its original warm tones! Wood Reviver can also rescue wood from stains caused by surface mould, tannin runs, watermarks, iron, rust and light dirt. Ready to use formulation is low VOC and free from chlorine bleach. Its easy application gives results quickly, saving the labour, mess and dust of heavy sanding.

After treatment of Barrettine Wood Reviver, a wood preservative and/or top coat should be applied to prevent further UV/weather damage. Use a colour finish where possible, as these will have greater UV protection than clear options. Ideally apply before using decking oil, wood protective treatment or preserver.

Palatine Paints are proud to be an official approved stockist of Barrettine products including Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment.

Coverage: Up to 4m2/L, depending on wood porosity and finish.

Shake the product before use and ensure the wood is free from dirt and any remaining wood treatments before application.
Barrettine Mould & Mildew Cleaner can be used to remove algae and lichen. Wood Reviver may remove or penetrate
through some wood finishes but this cannot be guaranteed. This should be verified on a small test area before using the
product. If the Wood Reviver does not penetrate through to the wood, the wood finish must be removed by sanding or use
of a suitable paint stripper, such as Barrettine Paint Panther® or Peelaway® The product should be applied between 5°C –
30°C and ideally out of direct sunlight. Move any potted plants away from the area that you’re working in.

If plants can’t be moved, dampen with water and cover if possible. The product may cause localised browning to the leaves
if it does make contact. If this occurs, rinse with plenty of clean water to dilute the active ingredient. Wood Reviver should
not come into contact with calcareous stones such as limestone or marble, as damage may occur. If contact occurs, wipe
away product immediately and rinse the affected area with water. Remove metal fixings if possible, such as bolts and
handles. Direct or prolonged application to metal fixings should be avoided, due to potential discolouration and damage.
Zinc fixings are especially susceptible and should be wiped clean immediately.

First, wet the wood using clean water. This will allow the product to penetrate further before drying out. Next, using a brush
or roller, apply Wood Reviver generously in the direction of the wood grain. For large areas, treat approximately 2m2 at a
time to prevent the product drying out. The wood to be treated should be coated evenly on all visible sides of each panel
to prevent differences in colour.

Leave the Wood Reviver for 15-30 minutes minimum; if it appears to be drying out, spray lightly with water. To rehydrate
smooth wood wipe gently using a damp cloth, on rough or dirty wood use a non-metal brush & water. If product dries out
completely, rehydrate with plenty of water and allow to soak for 5 minutes before continuing.

Rinse away the Wood Reviver thoroughly with clean water, scrubbing further if necessary. It is not recommended to use a
pressure washer as this can lead to dirt and mould spores being forced into the wood. Pressure washers can also damage
the wood fibres and saturate the wood, causing problems with the adhesion of future coatings.

Allow wood to dry fully for approximately 24 hours fully before treating with a protective finish. Lower temperatures and
higher humidity can extend the drying time. Colour change may not be fully visible until the wood has dried and the
surface may require light sanding to restore to a smooth finish before recoating. Reapply as necessary


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