Barrettine Products are renowned for their quality woodcare treatments and serve customers in a variety of sectors. Theses include: DIY suppliers; decorating centres; builders merchants; garden centres; agricultural distributors/merchants & shed and fence manufacturers throughout the UK.

Palatine Paints is an approved Barrettine stockist and works closely with them to provide you with the latest products, best prices and stock availability. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Driveway, Decking and Patio Cleaner 4L

    £9.30 exc VAT | £11.16 inc VAT

    Barrettine Decking and Patio Cleaner is a powerful easy to use treatment to remove mould, algae and fungi. Use to clean grime from drives, paths, decks and patios and also to prepare a deck area prior to applying Decking Oil.

    • Use on timber, concrete, stone, brick, plaster and tiles
    • Kills mould, algae and fungi
    • Removes dirt and grime

    See below for more information.

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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Panther Paint Stripper

    From: £4.75

    Barrettine Panther Paint Stripper is a fast and effective paint and varnish stripper designed to remove many types of coatings. Ideal for vertical and other less accessible areas due to its gel consistency.  Works quickly and efficiently on many types of surface including exterior and interior uses. Methylene chloride free. Removes multiple types of paint and varnish.

    • Easy To Apply
    • Non-Drip Gel Formula
    • Removes Metallised Paints

    Effective on a wide range of new and old paint and varnish formulations. Voted – DIY Decorating Product of the year, gold winner!

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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Premium Paraffin 4 Litre

    £6.87 exc VAT | £8.24 inc VAT

    Barrettine Premium Paraffin and its associated names such as Paraffin Oil and Kerosene has many uses with the most popular being a fuel for domestic paraffin heaters and greenhouse heaters.

    It is also be used as a cleaning fluid for motorcycle or motor vehicle parts, and as a lubricant for reducing friction and wear in machinery and mechanical equipment.

    For domestic and greenhouse heaters only. Not for lamps or torches.

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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment

    From: £7.68

    For use on most external pretreated timbers; (refer to tin/container). Contains film biocide preserver to prevent a surface growth of mould /algae. Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber, but not suitable for garden furniture unless over sealed. Harmless to plants and pets when dry. Oil/solvent based for deeper penetration. Low odour ready to use formulation. Superb quality water repellent resins. UV fade resistant colour pigments. High level, long lasting protection. For unpreserved / untreated timber we recommend using Barrettine Universal.


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  • Barrettine

    Log Cabin Treatment


    Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment superior finish and protection to log cabins, summer houses, sheds, fences, decking and ballustrades. Adds additional protection to wood that has been previously pressure treated or treated with an exterior preservative

    • A solvent-based clear oil treatment for log cabins, decking boards and other garden wood
    • Provides extra protection for previously preserved or tanalised timbers
    • Protects wood from cracking, splitting and warping
    • Contains biocides to prevent mould & fungi growth
    • Safe for plants and pets once dry
    • UV fade resistant protection


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  • Barrettine

    Universal Wood Preservative

    From: £9.97

    High-quality, deep penetrating, oil/spirit, low odour wood preservative used for protection against wood-destroying fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood boring insects. Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver gives a clear, colourless finish; suitable for use on un-treated wood or treated timber outdoors and also on exterior window frames and external doors.

    See below for more information.

    :Estimated dispatch by 17/05/2021
  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Teak Oil

    From: £1.97

    An oil for the treatment and enhancement of untreated wood including hardwood.   Teak Oil penetrates unsealed wood leaving a natural, water resistant finish ideal for outdoor garden furniture and traditional matt finish indoor furniture.  Regular use will nourish, revive and feed wood and reduce the weathered appearance of wood giving a satin finish (not suitable for Oak, furniture or flooring).

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  • Agricultural

    Barrettine Traditional Creosote Dark Brown 20lt

    £57.68 exc VAT | £69.22 inc VAT

    The ban on the amateur use of creosote back in 2003, still allowed Creosote to be sold only to professional users.   That includes for agricultural, non residential fencing, equestrian and life-stock purposes.  Looking for Creocote (creosote substitute)?

    Also note:

    • For use on timbers where there is no risk of frequent skin contact.
    • Kills red mite in poultry.
    • Effective HSE approved wood preserver, particularly effective  for timbers in/under ground contact.
    • Small quantities are not available to deliver to the Highlands/Island due to hazardous classification/transport costs.
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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Danish Oil

    From: £4.04

    A lovely blend of oils and resin designed to give an attractive lustre finish to wood whilst also providing water repellent qualities. Highly versatile, Barrettine Danish Oil is great for stairways, panelling, doors, wood turning and contemporary or traditional Scandinavian style furnishings. It is also used as treatment for kitchen surfaces (non-food prep) and for use on non-green oak timbers due to its water repellency. Predominately for internal use it can be used externally in sheltered locations. See below for more information

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  • Barrettine

    Barrettine Decking Oil All-In-One-Treatment

    From: £18.82

    Barrettine Decking Oil All-In-One-Treatment is specially formulated for use on pressure treated and preservative impregnated timber decking and other outdoor structures .

    • Provides superb protection to decking boards, decking tiles and ballustrades
    • Also great for summerhouses, sheds and fences
    • Non-flaking and water repellency qualities help prevent timber from splitting and cracking
    • Oils, protects and stains all in one treatment, with built in UV protection

    Translucent finish with a low odour formulation which is harmless to pets and plants when dry.

    :Estimated dispatch by 17/05/2021
  • Barrettine

    Creocote (Creosote Substitute)

    From: £9.99

    Barettine Creocote is an oil based (creosote substitute) water repellent wood treatment. Protects exterior wood against water damage and helps prevent swelling, twisting & cracking. Creocote has a traditional appearance when dry and is suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber. An economical treatment for exterior fences, sheds and barns. Contains no biocide preserver and is kinder to the environment than traditional creosote

    :Estimated dispatch by 17/05/2021
  • Barrettine

    CreoSolve (Creosote Substitute)

    From: £7.34

    Barrettine CreoSolve® is a lower hazard alternative to traditional Creosote and some other Creosote replacement wood treatments. Similar physical/water repellence/application characteristics of traditional Creosote but contains no biocide. An oil-based, bitumen and wax treatment for the protection of exterior timbers such as fence panels & fence posts etc. This product is not suitable for decking or exterior wooden furniture.

    :Estimated dispatch by 17/05/2021
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