Barrettine Decking Oil

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Barrettine Decking Oil All-In-One-Treatment is specially formulated for use on pressure treated and preservative impregnated timber decking and other outdoor structures, available in clear or colours.

  • Provides superb protection to decking boards, decking tiles and ballustrades
  • Also great for summerhouses, sheds and fences
  • Non-flaking and water repellency qualities help prevent timber from splitting and cracking
  • Oils, protects and stains all in one treatment, with built in UV protection

Translucent finish with a low odour formulation which is harmless to pets and plants when dry.




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The colour swatches are an indication only and representative of the product applied to clean new decking. The final colour finish can vary considerably due to the age, type & condition of the timber being treated and will darken with multiple coats. Viewing colours on multiple digital screens can vary considerably and may not be totally accurate. We always recommend carrying out a small inconspicuous test area first. It is the Customer/end users responsibility to satisfy themselves that the colour finish is correct before full application.

Decking (2 coats)

Barrettine Decking Oil All-In-One-Treatment gives excellent protection to pressure treated and preservative impregnated timber decking, available in clear and colours. This all in one product provides superb protection to decking boards, decking tiles and ballustrades.

Not only does it protect, it also stains and oils, eliminating the need to choose between a decking oil and a decking stain. Barrettine is renowned for its high performance woodcare range and we consider this decking oil to be superior to many other similar treatments.

It’s also ideal for use on summerhouses, fences and sheds allowing coordination or matching of shades. Clear is also an option for showing off wood’s natural colour. Once dry the decking oil is harmless to plants and pets. If your wood has not been preserved or pre-treated then we recommend priming with Barrettine Universal Preserver.

Re-apply in future years for ongoing protection and for maintaining fabulous looking decking, ballustrades, fences and outbuildings.

Decking Oil All in One Treatment Highlights:

  • All in one treatment which oils, protects and stains.
  • Built in UV protection helps prevent cracking and fading
  • Natural wood grain remains visible due to the translucent finish
  • Low odour formulation which will not harm pets or plants once dry
  • Repels water to help prevent timber splitting
  • Dry film preserver helping stop mould and fungi growth

Apply by brush or spray. Available in 5 colours and clear. The image below gives an approximation of the colours when applied to clean, bare/pale wood. As with most products like this, we recommend a test patch first.

Also available in a clear anti-slip finish.

For an alternative product, see Carbodeck Decking Oil.

Please note: The light oak colour has been renamed to amber light oak. The colour has remained the same, only the name has been changed.

Ensure wood to be treated is dry, free from dirt and repellent coatings such as paint or varnish (remove and sand down as required).
Recommend using a biocidal wash such as Knockout Decking and Patio Cleaner prior to treatment. Allow a minimum of 48 hours to dry.
The final colour finish can vary considerably due to the age, type & condition of the timber being treated. We always recommend carrying out a test area first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you are happy with the final dried colour.
Brush or spray in suitable conditions. (Make sure weather conditions are dry and still).
Coverage 1 coat up to 8 sq metres/litre of smooth timber and up to 5 sq metres on rough sawn timber, 2 coats recommended.
Drying times, normally 24-48 hours in ambient temperature. Apply second coat after 48 hours.
Clean equipment with Palatine Brush Cleaner or White Spirit.

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7 reviews for Barrettine Decking Oil

  1. Albert James Fogarty

    Excellent product and price. Service was treat too with super fast delivery. No hesitation in recommending !

  2. Paul B

    Spent some time deciding which product to apply to new decking area. Decided on the all-in-one oil after some research and faith in Barrettine’s woodcare products in general. It soaks into the decking very well and even after one coat, rainwater is beading nicely. Another coat will be needed to ensure the colour is consistent across varying shades in the decking boards but extremely pleased so far. Colour chosen was Rosewood and it’s a warm colour without too much orange. Dispatch from Palatine Paints was very efficient and the price reasonable. Highly recommended.

  3. Philip Marshall (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Second season use now and another coat applied after simple cleaning. Previous coating still in tact, no flaking and no peeling.
    So much better than another product that was supposed to do “exactly like it says on the tin”which cracked, peeled and generally looked poor after just one year. It was all removed last spring and the Barrettine product from Palatine Paints replaced it. So much better!!!

  4. Paul Chesworth (verified owner)

    I have used this over the last few years on my decking, it is a great quality product, at a great price, it’s easily applied, good colour absorbed by the wood that lasts, the protection level is obvious when it rains.
    The team at Palatine are always extremely helpful, providing confidence and great service with what ever I have enquired about and ultimately bought.

  5. Graham Minett (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery of the product under the present circumstances. I have used this product before, (light oak), and found that it covers extremely well, whilst leaving a nice subtle sheen on my decking. My decked area is a little under 25 sq. mtrs , the 5 litre tin covers nicely, and gives three coats. I use an ordinary 3″ paint brush and I work on three decking boards at a time, the third and final coat only took me about one hour to do. Other types of decking stain are nowhere as good as this decking oil, I`ve tried others, but this is the best! Will buy from Palatine again…

  6. jodal666 (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to apply, Great coverage & finish

  7. Kath Milburn (verified owner)

    Excellent product easy to use.

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Barrettine Decking Oil
Barrettine Decking Oil
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