An Introduction To Solar Reflective Paint

Stay Cool With Our Solar Reflective Paint

Manufacturers are working harder than ever to create high-performance items that reduce the negative impact on the environment as a result of energy costs and concerns about global warming.

To address these difficulties, the most significant technological breakthrough in coatings is the development of solar reflective coatings. This approach reflects the harmful rays away from a building’s surface.

Solar reflective coatings prevent harmful sun rays from entering. The technology behind these coatings is rather simple, but it has a large effect on energy consumption. As a result of breakthroughs in coating chemistry and the creation of solar reflective pigments, these limitations are now a thing of the past.

We introduce our own specifically manufactured Solar Reflective – Bitumen Aluminium paint, this is ideal for residential and industrial roofing, storage tanks, silos, stable felt, mobile homes etc.

The key benefits of solar reflective coatings

Reducing Energy Costs:

The purpose of this project is to lower energy costs by reducing the urban heat island1 effect. The urban area can be made cooler by applying solar reflective coatings, which in turn reduces energy costs.

We will explain what urban heat is just after the list of key benefits.

Lower Surface Temperature:

The reflectivity of these surfaces can keep the indoor temperature up to 5-10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Moreover, solar reflectivity will also reduce your energy bill (as above) by reflecting the heat from the sun that would have been absorbed by the pavement.

Solar reflective coatings are not only beneficial for residential properties but also for commercial properties such as shopping centres, office buildings, and schools.

Surface Protection:

Reflective roof coating systems can prevent a roof from ageing prematurely and cracking by intercepting most of the UV radiation that would otherwise degrade the roof, this is the biggest and most common problem for leaks when the seasons change, blisters and cracks will result from the sun’s excessive heat and UV radiation.

A reflective roof coating system is required to block the sun’s warmth and UV radiation, which would otherwise dry the roof’s surface and cause premature ageing. If a reflective roof coating system or Cool Roof is not installed, the roof will absorb these rays, resulting in the roof membrane drying out, cracking, and chalking. During temperature fluctuations and building movement, the roof membrane will tear and rip, resulting in leaks.

What is Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)1:

The elevated temperatures experienced in urban areas as compared to rural areas are known as the urban heat island effect, and the fact that artificial surfaces retain heat for long periods and prevent the cooling effect of vegetation is an important aspect of this effect. UHI (urban heat island effect) has been reported to raise temperatures by as much as 8 degrees Celsius in the UK, while London-sized cities have seen temperatures of up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Fun Fact: The sun is a massive 93 million miles away from Earth.

Tools and products needed:

  1. Solar Reflective – Bitumen Aluminium Paint
  2. 9” Paint Tray
  3. ProDec Extension Pole (easier to apply the paint across big areas)
  4. Titan Roller Cage Frame
  5. ProDec 9” Industrial Roller
  6. Palatine Carbosolv White Spirit – for paint thinning and cleaning
  7. Paint Mixer – fits almost every power drill
  8. ProDec Painters Bib & Brace – stay clean
  9. Latex Gloves

Everything you need to know about Bitumen paint is discussed in our dedicated post here

Preparation is the key to achieving the best solar reflective coating results:

Clean the surface from all dust and debris, if there is a lot of stubborn dirt that you cannot remove, you could use a pressure washer or go with good old elbow grease.

  • Timber surfaces, please ensure that the timber is dry and free from flaking materials.
  • Felt surfaces should be firmly fixed all around, to do so please use our Palatine Carbobond Felt Adhesive
  • Old/Worn/Cracked Bitumen should be removed and replaced with our Palatine Carboblack Bitumen paint. Everything you need to know about Bitumen paint is discussed in our dedicated post here
  • All ferrous surfaces must be clean
  • Previously painted surfaces or raw timber must be abraded first

Note 1: Please take special precautions on surfaces pre-1960s as they may contain harmful lead.
Note 2: You will get the best results when painting in warm, dry conditions. Preferably no lower than 10°C

How to use and apply our solar reflective paint:

  1. Open the Palatine paints solar reflective paint
  2. Connect the paint mixer to your drill and stir for approximately 2 minutes. You can also use a wooden batten about 25mm wide.
  3. Pour the Palatine solar reflective paint into the tray
  4. Put the ProDec 9” roller into the Titan Cage frame and attach it to the extension pole if required.
  5. Using the roller, paint over the entire roof surface in one coat and allow a full drying time for the overcoat of over 24 hours. This paint will be touch dry in 3 hours. We strongly recommend 2 coats to extend the life and performance of the product.
  6. Clean your roller with the Palatine Carbosolv white spirit
  7. Enjoy the fruits of your labour knowing your property is benefiting from cooler temperatures.


The UK isn’t known for its perfect summers, but it does get hot from time to time!

We hope that by reading this blog, knowing which products you will need and the process behind applying our Solar reflective paints to your roof surface that you’ll be able to save energy, reduce the temperature inside your home and learnt a thing or two!

Our customer service team are always at hand to help you with any questions you may have, feel free to contact us via the following:

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Solar Reflective Bitumen Aluminium Paint is used to overcoat bitumen based surfaces to protect them against degradation. Acts as a finish coat that decorates, protects and preserves, enhancing the lifespan of bitumen-type roofing materials.

  • Provides a flexible heat and UV light reflective surface
  • Outstanding weather resistance and durability.

Our bitumen aluminium is ideal for roofing, storage tanks, silos and stable felt as well as caravans and mobile homes. Because it reflects UV light and heat, it can also help reduce fungal growth. Buildings without insulation such as stables, industrial/commercial buildings, garages and animal housing can become extremely warm under the heat of the sun…even here in the UK.

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