Industrial Primer

We stock a diverse range of Primer supplies here at Palatine Paints. An undercoat of primer will result in a much better finished product when compared to the use of paint on its own. These top quality products can adapt to lots of surfaces and its use is almost essential when using wood paint. Browse through out selection of Primer paints today and get the best finish possible from your project.

Fast Dry Primers from Palatine Paints allow for a better adhesion of paint on top of a surface. You can ensure that the paint has protection and durability guaranteed by filling in any small gaps on the item that you’re painting – especially important for wooden materials. Wood has the ability to absorb paint that has been placed upon it, which fades out the colour and forces you to add a number of layers in order to retain the desired look. Our fast dry primers also ensure that you’re able to paint items that have un-movable dirt and grime.

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