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Vira-Protect Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial Paint

An anti viral and anti microbial paint for use on indoor surfaces.

  • Ideal for commercial and residential walls, corridors and stairwells
  • Provides a durable matt or satin finish that resists scuffs
  • Class 1 wet scrub resistant to ISO 11998, extending the lifespan of the coating
  • 50% greater opacity than other paint brands




Product Description

Vira-Protect is a water based anti viral and anti microbial paint suitable for commercial and residential buildings. It is ideal for areas with high foot traffic, such as walls in corridors, stairwells and lift lobbies. Vira-Protect is available in a smooth and durable matt or satin finish.

Some viruses have a shell that protects their cores while outside of a body, allowing them to survive on surfaces. Vira-Protect contains silver micro particles with naturally charged silver ions that burst virus shells and damage the nucleus DNA.

This anti microbial paint has received certification for 91.5% reduction in Human Coronavirus after 2 hours, 99.3% reduction in E-coli after 4 hours and a 99.9% reduction in other bacteria after 24 hours. It also meets and exceeds the requirements of Health Building Note 00-10 Part B Walls and Ceilings.

The paint works by containing solid biocidal nano-particles throughout the paint. These provide long term protection against bacteria and viruses, creating a more hygienic environment in an indoor space.

In addition to the health benefits provided by the paint, it can be supplied in a wide range of RAL and BS colours. The matt and satin finishes available allow the existing appearance of a room to be matched, while improving the hygiene quality.

Colours Available: RAL Classic, BS

Pack Sizes: Sold in 25 sqm, 50 sqm pack sizes to aid correct application

Coverage / Drying Times:

Surface Dry: 1 hour

Hard Dry: 4 hours

Please note, drying times will be extended at low temperatures. Do not apply when ambient temperature is under 8ºC or above 30ºC

Coverage: Follow on can guide and apply at 10m² per litre.

Surface Preparation
Prior to other preparation, treat mould with proprietary mould inhibitor
Seal stubborn penetrating stains with Coo-Var shellac-free PrimeAll as per manufacturer’s instructions.
Surfaces must be clean and fully hard dry.
Abrade hard or smooth surfaces to give a good key.
Stir well before use.

Apply 1 full coat of Vira-Protect Matt or Eggshell over pastel or similar colours.
Apply 2nd coat over darker, heavily contrasting or vivid colours and over textured surfaces.

Application Methods
Brush, Roller: Use woven short pile roller sleeve or synthetic brush

Spray: Pressure Pot and Gun conventional with hand-portable compressor. Thin 5% water OR Airless Graco 1500, 3500 or equivalent. 3/8” line, 30 mesh filter on machine, no filter in gun. 521, 523, 621 or 623 tips.
Ensure coverage is applied as per can i.e., 25 sqm can covers 25 sqm.


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Vira-Protect Anti Viral Paint
Vira-Protect Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial Paint
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