Thermoguard Safewalls Insulating Basecoat

The first part of the Safewalls system, which provides virus and fire resistance to wall and ceilings. The system is completed by Safewalls Anti Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant.

  • For Interior use
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray



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Product Description

Thermoguard Safewalls Insulating Basecoat is designed for use as the first part of the Safewalls system, which provides anti-viral properties and fire protection to interior walls and ceilings. The system is completed by Safewalls Anti Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant.

The Safewalls system can be applied over any type and number of existing wall paints, preventing the need to remove them before using this system.

Safewalls Insulating Basecoat is touch dry in 1 hour. Leave 4 hours before overcoating.

For full details, please see the datasheets.


Application Conditions
Min 8°C max 30°C.
Max relative Humidity 75%.
Surface should be at least 3°C above the dew point, free from condensation

All surfaces must be clean and dry. Remove all possible surface contaminates such as grease, smoke residues, silicates etc.
Seal water-stain risks with stain blocking sealer suitable to overcoat with water-based acrylic paints
Abrade hard or smooth surfaces with wetted 120 grit wet or dry abrasive or dust extracting abrader. Rinse off slurry while still damp. When dry remove any loose or suspect material back to firm edge.
Fill and repair any damage to the substrate using a good quality remedial filler.

Apply one coat of Thermoguard Safewalls Insulating Basecoat
To be overcoated with Safewalls Anti-Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant
Apply at rate stated on can to protect surfaces and enable project Certification

Brush or Roller
Woven fabric roller sleeves and synthetic bristle brushes

Pressure Pot & Gun conventional unit with small compressor: Ensure all traces of solvent flushed out thin 5 > 10% with water to spray viscosity. Adjust fluid flow and air flow as normal for acrylic emulsion paint or Airless Graco 1500, 3500 or equivalent. 3/8” line, 30 mesh filter on machine, no filter in gun. 521 or 523, broad areas 621 or 623 tip
Ensure coverage is applied as per can i.e., 25 sqm can covers 25 sqm

Return as much unused material to its original container as possible. Wash brushes rollers and guns with clean waters immediately following use.

Follow on can guide to coverage, do not overspread as this compromises the system and results in non-compliance and inability to certify.

Drying Times
In normal conditions touch dry one hour
Overpaintable with Safewalls Anti-Viral SFR after 4 hours.


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Thermoguard Safewalls Insulating Basecoat 2.5
Thermoguard Safewalls Insulating Basecoat
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