Carbosol Red Oxide Primer Spray Aerosol 400ml

Quick drying and easy to apply Red Oxide Primer, now available in 400ml aerosols.

  • Creates a protective rust inhibiting layer, ready for over coating
  • Our red oxide primer spray is lead free and replaces traditional ‘red lead’
  • Can be used on ferrous metals (iron and steel), wood and other surfaces
  • Also available in Grey.
  • Fast Drying with good spray characteristics
  • Easy to use and apply

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Product Description

Carbosol Red Oxide Primer Aerosol Spray Paint is a quick drying and easy to apply red oxide primer in 400ml aerosol can. One of our top selling primers, Red Oxide Primer is now available in aerosol spray format, meaning smaller jobs and those hard to access areas can be completed quickly and efficiently.

This top quality red oxide primer spray paint is perfect for use on ferrous metal, wood and other surfaces. Creating a rust inhibiting layer to give protection and a smooth surface, this easily applied metal primer spray is surface dry in 15 minutes.  Red oxide primer is a reliable and practical choice for steel/iron surfaces and also for wood.

Red Oxide Primer Aerosol – Application Tips:

  • Mask off surrounding parts to protect them and ensure you are have a well ventilated space to paint in
  • Shake the can well for a couple of minutes before using the primer
  • Spray in light, regular strokes avoiding overlap to ensure even coverage
  • Ensure the primer has fully cured before applying a subsequent topcoat


  • Typical uses: for priming and protecting steelwork,  machinery, cladding, gates, railings, pipework and guttering
  • Theoretical Coverage: 2m² per 400ml
  • Surface Dry: 15 minutes
  • Ideal for: Accessing hard to reach areas and smaller jobs

For larger areas or for application by brush, roller or spray gun, take a look at our red oxide primer in 500m, 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 20L

Please note: Due to printing limitations, the colour may vary from the cap and can colour.

Not sure which topcoat to use? Try our online chat 8am to 5pm Mon – Fri or give us a call, we are happy to advise.


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Carbosol Red Oxide Primer Spray Aerosol 400ml
Carbosol Red Oxide Primer Spray Aerosol 400ml

5 in stock

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