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Brand: Peelaway

Peelaway offers paint removal systems for a variety of paint removal tasks. They provide systems for the removal of oil, water and lead based paints from a wide range of surfaces.

Designed to remove several layers of paint, Peelaway 1 is suitable for most surfaces. It can be used on old lead paint, converting the lead into a safe compound.

Peelaway 7 effectively removes modern oil and water based paints. It does require neutralising before repainting and is naturally degradable.

Peel away Marine removes both anti-fouling and paint from boats. It works on a variety of hull materials, such as wood, metal and GRP and can remove several layers.

Barrettine Peelaway

Barrettine PeelAway 1

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Barrettine Peelaway

Barrettine Peelaway Marine

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Barrettine Peelaway

Peelaway 1 Neutraliser 1L

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£13.27 exc VAT | £15.92 inc VAT
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