Peelaway 1 Neutraliser 1L

1L of additional neutraliser for use with Barrettine Peelaway 1 paint remover

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Product Description

The Peelaway 1 Neutraliser is best after using Peelaway® 1 as this is an alkaline based paste.

Porous surfaces such as wood, plaster and stone are to be neutralised with the dilute acetic acid provided.

If a white powder appears on the surface, simply dry-brush the surface and re-apply neutraliser. If it does not reappear within 48 hours the surface should be ready for re-coating.

  • Conduct a pH test to confirm surface is stable, ideally between pH6 – pH9 but as a further precaution, check with the paint manufacturer.

Barrettine Peelaway 1 paint remover.

Technical Information

Weight 1 kg

Instructions for Use Dilution
For plaster or calcareous surfaces, dilute 1 part Peelaway® Neutraliser to 4 parts water. For all other surfaces, dilute 1 part Peelaway® Neutraliser with 1 part water. Coverage of diluted product is approximately 5m2 per litre.

Pour diluted Neutraliser into a pressure sprayer or for smaller areas a handheld trigger sprayer. Ensure all Peelaway® 1 residue has been removed before starting the neutralisation process. Start at the top and spray the entire surface until saturated. Application by spray only to avoid contamination, but sturdy substrates can be scrubbed afterwards to increase effectiveness.

: Leave the Peelaway® Neutraliser until touch dry or for a minimum of 6 hours. It is preferable to rinse Neutraliser where possible to remove neutralised salts. Use a steady spray of clean water, taking care not to use excess pressure.

pH Testing:
Once the surface is fully dry, moisten an area with water and apply a small strip of pH paper. Note the colour change and compare with the pH charts on the inside of the cover. Repeat in multiple locations. For any surface above pH 8, repeat the neutralisation process. The testing is most accurate after a minimum of 24 hours post neutralisation.

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Barrettine Peelaway 1 Neutraliser 1L
Peelaway 1 Neutraliser 1L

10 in stock

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