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Palatine Shed & Fence Paint

Choosing The Right Type Of Paint

In this article, we are going to explore the best fence paints in the UK right now. We’re also going to find out how you can paint your fence with different equipment too. 

So, if you’re considering painting your shed and/or fences, keep reading! The first thing that comes up when people think of choosing a colour is whether or not it will make their garden look bigger as well as what’s trendy at the moment. 

Before we dig deep, many of our customers ask whether they should buy oil-based paints or water based, we’ll touch base on this now before reviewing some of the best paints available, alongside the painting accessories that’ll you will need for sure.

Benefits Of Oil-based Paints

A Longer Life

Longevity is always at the top of the pros of oil-based paints, most of us look for a finish that lasts longer than water based as it means less maintenance, this saves you time and money. Especially if you decided to get the painters in to do the job, years of protection.

Quality Of Finish

Whilst oil-based paints take longer to dry, to some it may appear as a negative point but this is highly advantageous, a slower drying means a richer colour alongside providing a higher quality finish without much extra effort. We’re all proud of the home we live in, make that show with an increased curb appeal for both the front and back of your house. 

Benefits of Water-based Paints 

A Quicker Job

Customers choose water-based for the quick drying time; this helps to do a quicker job vs oil-based. An application of this type of paint can render a touch-dry time in only 1 hour or so but we always recommend to wait for the full time as explained on the tin.  Always remember that you may need a second coat. 

Easier To Clean & Work With

If you’ve ever worked with oil-based paints then you’ll know it is a little tricker to clean than water-based, brushes and any equipment you use with water-based paints are relatively easier to clean. Not forgetting accidental spills are easier to deal with. 

Low Odour and Low VOC’s

We all love learning, rather than us leaving the term VOC in the title without explaining – this means a low volatile organic compound, a term used for the level of harmfulness to the environment, humans, including the reduction of contaminants of the planet’s ozone layer and landfills. 

This should not be a deciding factor between oil-based and water-based paints though, I say this because most landfill sites have dedicated sections on where to throw certain paints and tins. Check with your local rubbish tip to find out more. Have a read here for a good guide:

Let’s Get To The Products:

Shed & Fence Paint – #1

Palatine Professional Shed and Fence Paint

Our very own Palatine manufactured paint and a popular one at that, this is an oil-based matt finish coating for your fences, sheds, garden gates and summerhouses. Well, pretty much for the use of all type of exterior woods. 

  • Can also be applied to concrete fence posts without the need for an additional masonry coating. 
  • Long life protection 
  • Manufactured in the Highest quality
  • No Primer Required
  • Unique “wet edge” time, makes the paint easier to work with. 
  • Coverage: 12 – 14m² per litre.

Available in 30 stunning colours, listed below:

Here’s a snippet of a few recent customer reviews on our shed & fence paint:

Review One

The paint was very high quality and arrived quickly. The colour we ordered, anthracite, matched our windows perfectly

Review Two

Bought two 5 l tins to paint exposed soffit and eaves on a house. This was the most reasonably priced solvent-based paint I could find. Good colour match. Covers well, doesn’t go as far as water-based paint but I’m sure it will last a lot longer

Review Three

Recently we moved into a new house, which has extensive lengths of new garden fencing. The Palatine paint was delivered promptly & was very easy to apply by brush & spray. It dries fairly quickly, with excellent finished results. I intend to order more for our new summer house

In Stock – Express Delivery Available
Shop Now:


Shed & Fence Paint – #2

Barrettine Shed and Fence Treatment 5lt

Barrettine paints are a well-known supplier of quality paints, especially for external applications. This product is a wate-based wood treatment which is mostly used for shed and fences – great for rough, sawn or smooth timber finishes. With a low VOC (remember, you learnt this earlier!) the formulation is harmless to pets and the environment when dry.

  • Water-based
  • Low Odour
  • Quick Drying (24 hours at ambient temperature)
  • Harmless to animals and the environment when dried.
  • Ideal applied over pre-treated, pressure treated & preservative impregnated structures.
  • Available in 5 colours (Red Cedar, Harvest Gold, Evergreen, Dark Brown, Black and Urban Grey)
  • Coverage:  4 – 8m² per 1 litre.
Barrettine Shed & Fence Colour Card

Shed & Fence Paint – #3

Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment

This is an oil-based treatment which provides a deep and rich finish to the wood you’re applying it to such as sheds, fences, summerhouses or a pergola. As this is oil-based it seals wood with excellent water repellent resins for a durable and long protection no matter the weather.

The wood treatment also contains film biocide preserver which stops the growth of surface mould and algae.

  • A quick note to bear in mind, this isn’t suitable for garden furniture unless the furniture has been over sealed first.
  • Oil-based for long term protection
  • Suitable for most external pre-treated timbers
  • Low VOC / Odour
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Water repellent resins
  • UV fade resistant colour pigments
  • Available in seven colours including clear (great to bring out the natural grains)
  • Coverage: 6m² per 1 litre

For unpreserved / untreated timber we recommend using Barrettine Universal Preserver


Here Are A Few Tips to Keep In Mind When Painting Your Shed or Fences:

  1. Get your lawnmower and strimmer out of the shed/garage and ensure to get to all the areas where you’re about to paint, this will save you a lot of headaches as without the cut.
  2. Clean the area well, you’d want to go over the fences or shed with a hard bristled brush to get rid of dirt and debris. Not forgetting sweeping up any leaves as they become a massive pain when you’re painting and it gets windy.
  3. Remove existing hardware/accessories, this is most relevant to sheds and garden gates, such as hinges, locks or bolts. It makes the process of painting much quicker without having to worry about painting around them. On the other hand, you could always use masking tape or wrap plastic around.
  4. Floor protection, one that most forget! If you’re painting fences, then there’s several types of flooring that’ll be next to them such as decking and paving slabs, it doesn’t cost much to put some dust sheets down or even plastic sheeting.
  5. If the fence, garden gate or shed is already painted and you’re thinking about painting over – always sand down first to remove any flakes. This will give you an even finish.
  6. Avoid painting during the strongest time the sun is out, usually mid-day to 2pm. The exposure can cause the paint to dry quicker than normal which may result in a patchy finish. If you must insist on painting during that time, do not forget sun screen – for you, not the wood.
  7. Check the weather just in case it is forecasted to rain!
  8. Use a paint power sprayer to make the job quicker, you would still need brushes to get into the corners and smooth out some areas. Try and avoid this on a windy day.
  9. Wear goggles to avoid eye splashes and take the appropriate safety measure when using a ladder.
  10. Lastly, always use quality painting equipment. High quality paint brushes, masking taps, rollers etc will make the job finish smoother, improve your properties Kerb appeal and generally make your life easier.


We know there’s many more shed and fence paint products on the market but we’re able to give you honest and knowledgeable advice, credited by the history of Palatine Paints being in the industry for over 75 years.

If you have any questions on the products we’ve listed here, our dedicated sales and/or technical team are here to help.

Email: [email protected]
Call Us: 01942 884 122

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