What is a good quality gloss?

What is a good quality gloss and do you sell it?

You’d be surprised at the number of times we get this question.

Yes of course we do! But obviously we would say that. We do have evidence however in the vast numbers of repeat buyers and the compliments we receive.


Customer Stories: Two Hour Gloss

Earlier in our blog series we did a short piece about our two hour gloss in action at Leigh Spinners Mill.  Have a look at some more fabulous examples of how this gloss enamel paint is used at Lancashire Mining Museum, Southport Pleasureland and Leigh Spinners Mill.

Our two hour gloss is one of several “good quality” gloss paints that we make and we have been gathering some great pictorial examples of how it’s been used. So we thought we’d revisit our famous two hour gloss with some more information (and some great photos).

What is enamel paint?

The term ‘enamel paint’ usually refers to a solvent based paint (though you do see some described as water based enamel) with a gloss finish. But what is enamel really?

While various paints are referred to as enamel paints, they shouldn’t be confused with the ‘enamelling process’ which is something different. Traditional ‘enamelling’ refers to porcelain or vitreous enamelling where powdered glass is fused to a substrate (usually metal or ceramics) by firing. This achieves a hard, glass, glossy surface.

Enamel paints don’t in fact contain glass, the term refers to the hard, glass like finish that is obtained when the paint dries and hardens.

Our own two hour ‘enamel’ gloss is a solvent borne, alkyd resin based paint which means it has superior adhesive properties and stands up to wear and to outdoor use. This is why our customers choose it for a such wide range of purposes, from restoring vintage vehicles, to painting fairground rides, right through to refreshing garage doors.

Read on for some great examples including Lancashire Mining Museum, Leigh Spinners Mill and Southport Pleasureland.

Lancashire Mining Museum

Located on a 15 acre site where Astley Green colliery once stood, is the Lancashire Mining Museum. With its 3,300hp twin tandem compound steam winding engine, 98ft high lattice steel headgear and vast collection of colliery locomotives, the museum is a testament to the proliferation of mines that once operated in Lancashire.

Several thousands of shafts were sunk in the Lancashire, but there is no actual figure as many went undocumented. See the Wikipedia list of collieries in Lancashire since 1854.

Run and maintained on behalf of the community by the Red Rose Steam Society, the museum is rapidly becoming a favourite with both locals and those from far afield.

Palatine Paints has taken a keen interest in the work at the museum, supplying many paints and coatings over the years. As well as floor paint, masonry paint and lots of our All Purpose Primer, our two hour gloss has been used in abundance to restore machinery, vehicles and furniture.

Lancashire Mining Museum

Lancashire Mining Museum

Trevor Barton, Chairman of the Red Rose Steam Society

Great company. Great products and local

Jacqueline, volunteer at Lancashire Mining Museum

Excellent value, paints give great coverage and they don’t fade. They have very friendly and knowledgeable staff, with excellent customer service

Southport Pleasureland

Southport has been famous for its Pleasureland attraction since 1913. The amusement park has seen many ups and downs throughout the decades; in fact you could say it’s had its own roller coaster ride! Having survived a downturn in customer numbers, complete closure and an arson attack, Southport

Pleasureland is now a vibrant and popular combination of rides, experiences and events. With rides and stalls that need to be kept in tip top condition, we’ve been supplying paints to Pleasureland for many years.

In fact it’s been a pleasure making a host of colours in our two hour gloss including purple, magenta, crimson and golden yellow as well as classics like ‘pru blue’ and black.

Neil at Southport Pleasureland

Great knowledge, swift delivery and service that’s second to none. We here at Southport Pleasureland have used Palatine paints for decades and see no reason to change at all! You won’t find better

Leigh Spinners Mill

Another Lancashire landmark saved through local support and enthusiasm is Leigh Spinners Mill, perhaps the only example of a double fronted mill still standing intact in Europe. The original Leigh Spinners Company still operates on the first two floors producing commercial carpeting and artificial sports surfaces.

The remaining floors are part of a restoration project to bring the mill back to life incorporating a range of commercial and community uses.

Engine Cylinder at Leigh Spinners ‘before’

Other uses for enamel paint

We have customers popping in for our two enamel for all sorts of purposes: garage doors; window frames; internal woodwork; garden furniture; railings and even plant pots.

There are many commercial users and hobbyists too! We love it when our customers tell us about the gypsy caravans, the canal barges and even scaffolding that is lovingly coated with Palatine Paints Two Hour Enamel Gloss!

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