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Brush Mate Vapour Mate

Replacement pads for the Brush Mate 4+. Impregnated with specially formulated fluid.

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Product Description

Brush Mate Vapour Mate. Replacement pads for the Brush Mate 4+ come readily impregnated with specially formulated fluid. The fluid keeps brushes fresh until the next use. How does it worK? The liquid from the pad evaporates slowly, producing a powerful heavier-than-air solvent vapour that fills the container.

The vapour is what prevents solvent evaporation and film formation of oil-based or alkyd paints and varnishes. So this allows you to store wet paint brushes used with these coatings for many months.

How do I know if I need to replace my Brush Mate Vapour Mate Pad? There is a ‘tell tale’  attached to the Vapour Mate pad which gives you an an indication. When the star in the ‘window’ noticeably fades in relation to the other star – it is time to replace! Keep a spare Vapour Mate for when your current Vapour Mate needs replacing.

You can usually expect a Vapour Mate to last up to 6 months under normal DIY usage. If you are a professional using the Trade 4 storage system you will need to replace your Vapour Mate more frequently or you may want to consider the Brush Mate 20. The Brush Mate 4+m is available here. 



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Brush Mate Vapour Mate

10 in stock

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