Advantages of Choosing Hard Wax Oil For Your Floor

Hardwax Oil

Hard Wax oils are a new trend for floors. They’re natural oils that have been filtered to remove impurities, leaving only the most useful compounds. Hard Wax oils are made from plants and contain natural waxes. These oils can be used directly on wood floors and many other types of flooring.

They’re also frequently used in other industries as natural preservatives. Perfect for wooden flooring because of its anti-bacterial properties and pH balance. It conditions the wood fibres, keeping them strong and preventing warping or cracking.

When you read about oil for floors, you may wonder if it’s safe to use in your home. Keep reading to learn more about whether they’re safe and whether it’s the right choice for your home!

What is Hard Wax Oil?

Hard Wax oil is a natural wax that’s derived from plants. It contains natural compounds that make it an excellent wood conditioner. For example, it contains antioxidants that help prevent the wood from rotting.

Hard Wax oil will also help your wood fibres remain strong. Hard wax oil for floors is usually a blend of several different types of oils. The exact formula depends on the manufacturer. It’s always best to read the product label to see exactly what’s in your oil!

How to Apply Hard Wax Oil for Floors

There are a few different ways to apply the oil. You can use a clean cloth, a spray bottle, or even a rag mop. The key is to apply the oil generously, but not too heavily. Start in the centre of the room, and work your way to the edges.

You can also use a comb to help distribute the oil more evenly. It will leave your floor a little darker than usual. This is normal, and your floor will lighten up over time. You may also notice a slight smell. This will fade over time as well, but you can minimize odors by applying the oil in a well-ventilated area.

Lacquer or Hard Wax, Which Is Best?

In most cases, a wax finish is best as when you apply just 2 coats, the first will penetrate the wood and the 2nd gives a top coat finish. You can then continue to apply more coats for added protection.

Hard Wax Oil floors require extra care, but this attention contributes to their longevity but should be cleaned with a specialised wood cleaner from your preferred manufacturers.

Additionally to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of your floors, a hard wax oil can be used to revitalize small areas. Using an oiled finish is a terrific option in general, and oiled finishes in particular, you may rejuvenate small areas by renovating them.

If a portion of your floor is damaged, you can repair it by rubbing it down and applying the original oil. By applying a maintenance oil or by rubbing the area down and re-applying the original oil, you can renovate it.

Is Hard Wax Oil Safe?

Yes, they’re a safe and natural product. It’s even used in some food and beauty products! Also often used and safe for people and pets, but it’s always best to read the product label to be sure. Some hard wax oils are infused with essential oils, which may affect those with allergies or asthma.

Hard wax oil is safe for most types of wood floors. It’s not a great choice for unfinished wood or unsealed wood, though. Hard wax oil is a natural finish, so it can seal the wood.

This is great for finished floors, but it’s not good for the unfinished wood. It can cause the wood to warp or crack. Hard wax oil is a great option if you have unfinished wood floors. It’s perfect for any type of wood!

Where Can You Use Hard Wax Oil?

Hard Wax oil works best on wood types like oak, pine, or mahogany. It’s not recommended for soft woods, like cedar. Hard wax oil is not suitable for softwood floors.

It can also cause issues on unsealed or unfinished wood floors. It’s not a good choice for linoleum or vinyl flooring, either. Hard wax oil is a natural finish, so it only works well on wood floors.

Hard wax oil is best for floors in the kitchen and living room. It’s also a great choice for outdoor wood decks.

Hardwax Oil

Pros of Using Hard Wax Oil for Floors

  • Hard Wax oil is a natural finish. This makes it perfect for a natural and organic look.
  • It is easy to apply, so it’s great for any do-it-yourselfer!
  • Hard wax oil protects against water damage and staining. It also creates a barrier that prevents future damage.
  • It keeps your wood looking beautiful for years to come.
  • Hard Wax oil is also safe for most types of wood. It’s perfect for unfinished wood floors and sealed wood that needs a little extra protection.
  • Hard Wax oil also has some antibacterial properties. This makes it a great choice for kitchens and living rooms.
  • It is suitable for outdoor wood decks!

Tips for applying Hard Wax Oil to your floor

Once you’ve installed an unfinished oak floor, you must apply a finish. We highly recommend using a hard wax oil (benefits of doing so explained in this blog above), such as Barrettine Clear Hard Wax Oil as a finish. By using a hard wax oil, such as the the recommend Barrettine one, you can create a natural, long-lasting finish that is also beautiful. In light of this, here are some pointers for using your hard wax oil.

  1. Prior to applying the hard wax oil, your oak flooring should be cleaned thoroughly to make sure that no dust or dirt remains. This ensures that any dust or dirt left behind is removed. If the oil becomes contaminated, a less desirable finish may result.

  2. Ensure the room that you’re going to use the hard wax oil is at a good temperature, we recommend the room temperature is no lower than 10°C.
  3. In an attempt to sound like a James Bond quote, make sure the tin is shaken and stirred well before using to ensure there is no form of separation. Yes, i do reliase the quote is shaken, not stirred 😉
  4. Apply with a good quality brush for easy application, such as the 3″ ProDec Ice Fusion Brush
  5. Start at the furthest part of the room and work towards yourself, this means you wouldn’t need to walk over the freshly applied coat of oil.
  6. Try to work with thin coats and in the direction that the wood grains go.
  7. Make sure you wait sufficient times between coats for the oil to fully soak into the timber and other prior coats.
  8. One that is easily forgotten, please make sure you leave the finish to fully cure and harden. You will get the maximum protection by doing so.


If you’re thinking about or have just finished laying your new unfinished floor, the Barrettine Hard Wax oil is the best choice for long term protection to keep the natural finish of your wood and one that is easy to apply yourself! You may be interested to read the history of Hard wax oil here.

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